Preparing for a Harry Potter Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 17, 2012

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

Harry Potter has brought wizardry to the forefront of peoples mind and it has inspired many an imagination. The magic tricks and the scenery of the Harry Potter movies were top notch and I would understand why many a children would want to have a Harry Potter Birthday Party.

You can decide to pick one of the major plot arcs like: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to base your birthday party on or you can pick aspects from all the seven major plot arcs.

It begins with…..

The story begins when Harry Potter is eleven years old, living with relatives who mistreat him. On his 11th birthday, Rubeus Hagrid informed him that he is actually a wizard who is famous in the wizard world for surviving an attack from an evil wizard. He is invited to attend Hogwarts, a school that will teach him all about wizardry.

The story ends with Harry Potter defeating Lord Voldemort, the evil wizard. You can watch or read the stories for yourself. Let us get back to business and see how we can create a Harry Potter Birthday Party.
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Harry Potter Birthday Party Invitations

You can start by sending an invite that looks like it came from Hogwarts, the wizard school. You can write your invites on parchment paper and put them in an envelope which you will seal with red wax and if you can, use calligraphy on the envelope. Write the invite in such a way that it will reflect the invite letter Harry got from Hogwarts. The next part of the preparation is fun.

harry potter birthday party

Harry Potter Birthday Party Decorations

The main colors of Hogwarts is green and orange so you can stock up on balloons in shades of green and orange as well as black to add some wizard flair to it.

  • Make tiny wizard hats and dangle them around the room.
  • You could also have wands and broom sticks decorating the room.
  • You could also have plastic balls in yellow and golden colors with paper wings and hang them on the ceiling to represent the golden snitches so as to bring a touch of realism to the Harry Potter Birthday Party.
  • A Harry Potter Birthday Party will not be complete without dragons and dragon eggs. You can take different colored Easter eggs and put them in a basket and place them in the corners of the room and you can have a bunch of Manila paper dragons hanging in different parts of the room.

If you could incorporate the owls as well in your overall designs for the birthday party, the better.

Do not overdo the decorations and if it seems like you have tried too hard, you can remove some of the elements. Make it tasteful and classy! Do not be an organized mess!

Harry Potter Birthday Party Food

Now that decor is complete, let us talk food. You can start by making wizard hat cupcakes, wand shaped chocolate treats and lots of different colored candies and jelly beans. You could also have apple juice or ginger lemonade. Use your imagination and come up with a healthy platter of foods and drinks.

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Harry Potter Birthday Party Games

No Harry Potter Birthday Party is complete without playing a game or two.

The first game you can play is the sorting hat game. The same way harry had to wear the hat that determined which of the four houses he would belong to. You can put a sorting on the kids head and they pick a marble from the bag (make sure you have a specific colored marble to represent a specific house) which determines their house. After the house selection by the sorting hat, the children will be grouped according to their house and have a 4X100 broom relay race (hold the broom in between your legs and run and when you reach the other member of the house, you pass the broom on). The group will choose four representatives for the broom race. Award points according to how the teams will finish.

After that they will now go for a magical creature hunt. Hid some plastic owls, dragons, rats and snakes around the house and let the team find them. Award them points for the number of creatures collected. Tally the points and the winning house gets a present. Enjoy your Harry Potter themed Birthday Party!

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