Princess Birthday Party Games

by admin on August 4, 2012

Top 8 Fun Princess Birthday Party Games Ideas

A pretty princess party is not perfect if there are little or no party games to keep the pink party guests entertained and giggling away.

Here are a few ideas to make sure that your party gets the royal birthday girls approval:

Grand Entrance

Fanfare music should be played to add to the excitement. When the guests arrive, each one should be met with a curtsey and presented with a treasure; this can either be from the dressing up box or as a favor to take home with them. They can then have their photograph taken and ushered inside.

Pass the pretty pink parcel

Use pink (sparkly if possible) wrapping paper and ensure that there each layer holds a princess novelty or food item.

Posture Perfect

Get the princesses to practice their poise by walking along a ribbon, string or a sticky tape line on the floor without dropping the book on their head.

Dancing Statues

Play some twinkly (classical) or pop music so the guests can gracefully dance and then freeze when the music stops.

Decorate a crown or cupcake

You can ice some cupcakes before the party and get the girls to decorate them with sprinkles or pre-cut some crowns that they can stick glitter, feathers and sequins on to.

Pampered Princesses

Ask a family friend or relative to paint the girl’s nails with shimmering nail varnish, add a dash of glittery lip gloss and apply some sparkly silver eye shadow. Alternatively, they can have their faces painted with flowers, hearts or butterflies if you feel they are too young for makeup. The children can then have a ‘Royal Parade’ where they can show off their makeup, crowns/cupcakes (from above) and dresses.

Have a Ball

Fill the room with pink balloons and give each child a wand (either bought from a store or made from paper tubes that they can take home as their favor). The aim of the game is to keep their balloon from touching the floor. You can either play until they get tired or make it into a competition by pulling children out when their balloon hits the floor with the last princess/knight standing being the winner.

Treasure Hunt

Plastic transparent Christmas baubles can usually be easily pulled apart so you can hide treasure inside them for the children to go and find. When they find one, they can come and sit on an allocated area like a rug and wait for the rest of the guests to finish.

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