Princess themed birthday parties

by admin on March 7, 2013

Princess themed birthday parties get the royal treatment

Little girls, and even big girls, still have a lovely idea of what it might be like to be a princess. So, for a day, give them their wish and give them control of the castle so to speak. Let your little girl dress up, wear a tiara, eat dainty sandwiches, and hold court in the living room or backyard.

With lots of different decorations to choose from, invitations that will make all the princesses guests squeal in delight, and cakes that can be elaborately decorated with castles and moats the birthday girl’s day can’t help but be perfect.

Just remember that here, it’s okay to go overboard and even dress up like a queen with your little princess.

Princess themed birthday parties Invitations

Our pinterest board is always a great site to go to for ideas and downloads that can be easily transferred to cardstock. Just start looking for things in pastels for those princesses that like a softer look.

Fairy princesses are also a great idea and in that case forest type invites with fairies, sprites, and woodland creatures featured would be a good start.

Remember to make the invitation sound slightly formal as in name your birthday girl and explain she will be receiving subjects on her birthday and that they be dressed in their royal best.

For friends that won’t want to dress up their children due to money issues making tutus with tulle and cotton fabrics are quite easy especially if the guest list is kept to a minimum.

Princess themed birthday parties

Princess themed birthday Decorations

Here get creative and have lots of swags in colors your little princess will love. If Disney Princesses are the theme then these can be easily found at any party store or even most retail stores.

For something less mainstream look at dollar stores for lots of greenery and create a forest type setting if you’re daughter has chosen to be a fairy princess.

If you’re holding court, look for fabric at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby that may be on sale and make a carpet that can lead up to a throne.

The table can have swags and balloons on the back of each chair with tiny cupcakes and flowers as place settings. Little girls will love the feminine feel to this theme.


Princess themed birthday party Menu

Here, it’s great to go with a tea party or fake a formal dinner. Have tiny finger sandwiches for the royal court and it’s easy to find cheap goblets at dollar stores for drinking juice or Kool-Aid. Of course make sure there are plenty of fruits and veggies to pass around with dainty dipping sauce containers.

If formal is not what you’re trying to go for, just go ahead and order a pizza and let the little ones dive in. Cakes can be catered and sometimes if time is a factor this is best.

A local bakery can transfer scenes from Disney movies or if you’re not going that route decorators can create castles, forest kingdoms, knights slaying dragons rescuing princesses, whatever you can imagine.


Princess themed birthday Party favors

If you made tulle tutus for your little fairy’s guests let them keep them as a memento. Party bags bought at dollar stores can be pink or purple and contain dinner mints tied up in tulle with ribbon or gift cards to a favorite restaurant if money isn’t an object.

Check with parents before sending home candy as some dyes or other food allergies might be present. Just make certain the bags are decorated and contain something frilly to send home with your princess guests.


Princess themed Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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