Re-Experience Your Youth: Nostalgic Birthday Party Ideas

by Sherry on September 23, 2012

The older we get, the more we reminiscence about the days of past. We remember how we used to be sportier, more athletic, flexible, stronger, or we used to be more beautiful, handsome and wrinkle free.

Our hearing was better, we had almost perfect vision (or so we thought) and our mobility was top notch, one hundred per cent to be exact!

Just because we are growing older does not mean we cannot recapture some of the good bits from our youth as we embrace growing older, wiser and for some, grey haired or white haired.

Forget the midlife crisis or the havoc your hormones are wreaking on your body and mood.

Why not embrace your older self as you look at some nostalgic birthday party ideas to help you relive, re-experience and recreate your youth for your 40th and over birthday celebrations.

The Soulful Eighties

The eighties brought with it a revolution in the music industry. That is where soul was encapsulated in our hearts and had the afros as well as the miniskirts, wedges, belly bottoms and all kinds of fashion that is now considered retro chic and the fashion of the eighties is now in vogue. This was also the disco era. Remember when you used to go to a club solely to dance your heart out and not to partake in alcohol? You can have your friends dress up in the eighties style (you could always find a wig that will give you an afro look instantly). Look for a disco ball and some neon lights. Look for Michael Jackson, Kool and the gang and all the other eighties music. Put on your dancing shoes and show those young people how you used to get down on the dance floor. Pull some eighties dance moves and let loose. You can have fruit punch and any other drinks you would like served from a big bowl (remember them?) and you could have finger foods like chicken skewers, fish skewers, beef skewers and a vegetarian option served on paper plates or napkins. Bring some soul back from your past. You can even use foot loose as an inspiration for your birthday party. Put on your dancing shoes and let us foot loose!

The Hippie Sixties

The nineteen sixties was an era characterized by the hippie movement, bright coloured clothing, flowered clothing, care free living and peaceful living or anti-war movements, depending on which side of the coin you look at it. The sixties was a colourful era and you can show the young lads and lassies how you used to groove. You probably were in your teen years and you loved rock and roll. Let the women put on their fish neck stockings, put on your tie and dye attire, peasant blouses and skirts (you can get all these from the Salvation Army good will stores). The Rolling Stones, Sonny and Cher, The Supremes, The Beatles among other great musical groups rocked that era so do not forget to have a playlist of that music and karaoke away. The sixties theme is one of the great Nostalgic birthday party ideas if implemented with the hippie days in mind.

The Rebellious Seventies

You could even do a seventies theme as part of your Nostalgic birthday party ideas that you present to your family and friends. Your children may think you are too old to get down with it, but remember how rebellious you were in the seventies. You were probably in your first job, free from the controlling hands and watchful eyes of your parents and you were now free to do as you pleased. You may have rebelled against all your parents taught you as you discovered your individual self and maybe ended up doing some stuff to rebel. You could re-live these moments by having a theme created from your memories of the seventies.

Nostalgic Birthday Party Ideas

If you have any more Nostalgic birthday party ideas, please feel free to share.

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