Rock Star Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on June 25, 2012

Rock Star Birthday Party Ideas – Be a rock star in one day!

Rock Star Birthday Party themes are very versatile as they can celebrate a boy or girl’s birthday and you are not restricted to a certain age group for example a Sponge Bob party is only really suitable for under 5’s.

Kid’s love dressing up and dancing so here are a few ideas to make your celebration a number one hit:

Rock Star Birthday Party Invitations

Make a VIP backstage pass using a lanyard string, printing out the party details on some card and placing it in the plastic wallet. Stick some gems or glue some glitter onto the string for some extra sparkle.

Rock Star Birthday Party Ideas

Decor For Rock Star Birthday Party Ideas:

Hang a foil disco ball balloon from the ceiling on the center of the room or as a centerpiece on each table/the food table to add some glitz.

You can divide your room into different sections so that when they enter the area with the door clearly marked VIP, they enter a props section where you have some clothing, plastic/glow in the dark jewellery (bling) and sunglasses (shutter shades which are currently on trend which you can purchase for $8 per dozen or star shaped shades for $3.99 per 10 at any party store.

Then have a hair and makeup section with red, silver and glitter hairspray and mousse so they can style their hair. You could also have some glittery makeup for the girls and maybe some Vaseline or lip balm for the boys.

Next you could have stage where the background is draped in black cloth with a few spotlights or lamps to add lighting and some inflatable guitars/musical toys/instruments dotted around for the kids to have fun with. The inflatable toys or sunglasses could also double up as gifts that the guests could take home afterwards.

Alternatively, you can place jelly bracelets, temporary tattoos and pop rocks (popping candy) in favour boxes/bags for them to take away.

Supplies for Rock Star Birthday Party Ideas

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Activities For Rock Star Birthday Party Ideas

Have a CD ready of well known songs appropriate for your child’s age so that you can have a sing along or play ’guess the song’ handing out treats to the correct guesser/team. If you have a karaoke machine or games console with Guitar Hero or Just Dance, then now would be the perfect time to bring them out.

Rock Star Birthday Party Food Ideas

Instead of having traditional cupcakes, make some microphone shaped ones using chocolate sprinkles and ice cream cones as pictured above.

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The main cake can be in the shape of a drum, guitar or even a big microphone. Make star shaped cheese, jam and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and star shaped krispie cakes as snacks. Have star shaped ice cubes with red drinks (like ready prepared sugar-free cordial) and don’t forget drinks/snacks for adults if they are attending too.

Rock Star Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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