Rockstar Birthday Party Ideas For Tweens

by admin on January 5, 2013

Rockstar Birthday Party Ideas For Tweens – Let’s Rock and Roll

Rock stars are idolized by children and adults alike. That’s why a rock star party makes a great theme for children who love music and enjoy imagining themselves as rockers.

It’s not that difficult to plan and will be fun for preteens and their friends. Even smaller children can get into the theme by being the star attraction and rocking out in style with their own play guitar during the party. Think music, karaoke, and V.I.P. treatment for the guests and the star of the day.

Rockstar Birthday Party Ideas

A perfect theme for tweens

Always outline a guest list first and think about what type of invitation design would suit the premise:

  • Sending out a music award invitation is a great idea or
  • perhaps a V.I.P. badge cut from card stock, inserted into a plastic sleeve, and then a string added to make it fit around the neck.
  • Sometimes even printing out some fake backstage passes can be a fun party invitation.

Some of the ideas:

Compile a CD with a child’s favorite songs for a karaoke type contest or simply to have for playing as the guests arrive.

Buy glitzy or rock star type plastic glasses to pass out when guests arrive.

For little girls think pink and lots of stars and black and guitars for little boys.

Stars or guitars can even be glued onto the glasses if premade ones can’t be found. Also remind them to wear their V.I.P. badges if they were sent out as invitations.

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Rockstar Birthday Party Decorations

There are many ways to decorate with color coordinated balloons and table settings. One simple way is to visit and choose a party kit that will contain cups, napkins, center pieces and streamers.

They start at $16.99 and have nearly everything needed for a girl’s rocker party. They also have lip gloss, nail polish, cards, and other assorted favors and prizes for games as well for order.

For boy parties use black as a color scheme and maybe even card stock for cutting out guitars or stars and pasting them on balloons that are grey or silver. Pass out tattoos, trading cards with their favorite bands, or pencils in the theme. Again just change the color scheme and the same decorations apply they just need to be slightly tweaked to give the party a more boyish feel.


Rockstar Birthday Party Cakes

When thinking of cakes and other refreshments cookies with guitars frosted on them or even guitar cookies would be a good option.

Cakes can be made where a child can have a picture of them dressed as a rocker scanned on the cake itself. V.I.P tags or ticket stubs and even backstage passes can be designed on the cake as well.

If there are bakeries that are more industrious have specialty cakes with guitars or drum sets made.

Rockstar Birthday Party Games

For games and contests have a karaoke contest or best air guitar contest:

  • Guess who sings this or that song and musical chairs for girls to their favorite rock band is a great way to start.
  • Make the contest American Idol in nature if needed to add an extra bit of excitement.

Have older siblings or other parents sit in as judges and make all children feel included by adding several categories like best air guitar, best girl rocker, best boy rocker, best dressed, etc. Above all make sure the birthday boy or girl rocks out with their friends for the entire set.

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