Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on July 20, 2012

Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas – There are loads of Scooby invites that you can buy but we suggest that you save some money and print your own at home. There are loads of resources that you can find on the internet like in where you can load your printer with white or cream card and off you go. In the envelope, add a little bag of mini shaped cheese cracker snacks or sweets and label it ‘Scooby Snacks’ to give the children a taste of what’s to come.

Decorations For Scooby Doo Birthday Party

You can buy lots of Scooby themed party ware both online and in local party shops as it is quite a common theme and if you want to save time and hassle, you can buy a party kit like this Scooby Mod Birthday Party Kit for $15.99 which has all of the essentials.

Scooby Doo Birthday Party Supplies

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Scooby Doo Birthday Party Food

Everyone knows that Scooby and Shaggy love their food so make sure that you have lots of food that you can label to go with the Scooby Doo birthday party theme – children love food.

A few examples foods for Scooby Doo Birthday Party are:

  • Scooby’s Mystery Pizzas – Pizza goes a long way, is filling and is healthier then crisps and chocolates so you can’t go wrong with having pizzas at kids birthday parties. Try to have variety of flavors like Pepperoni, Vegetables, Extra-Cheese, Hawaiian, etc. Alternatively, you could provide a selection of toppings, give each guest one or two halved burger buns, get them to top it with their favorite toppings and then grill for them so you are sure they will eat them especially if they feel involved in making them.
  • Munchies – Snacks always go down a treat so have bowls of pretzels, peanuts, crisps, raisins, granola, yoghurt coated fruit etc. Try to ensure that there are healthy bite-size food too so parents don’t have to worry that their child is eating too much junk.
  • Shaggy’s Submarine Sandwiches – Anyone who has watched Shaggy and Scooby have seen them wolf down long sized sandwiches! You can have pre-prepared baguettes with various filings or you can put out a pile of buttered hot dog buns and bowls of fillings like peanut butter, jelly, salad, egg and tuna so that everyone can make their own sandwiches.
  • Scooby Sandwiches or Biscuits – Cut the sandwich bread or cookies in dog bone, star or flower shapes by using a cookie cutter. Then ice the cookies in bright coloured icing or add the fillings between the two slices of cut bread.
  • Ghost Poop – This one is sure to make the kiddies laugh. Put some marshmallows in a bowl and make sure they can see the label!

scooby doo birthday party

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