Sea Birthday Party Theme

by admin on February 19, 2013

Sea Birthday Party Theme – Throw and Under the Sea Celebration

The ocean intrigues so many and it has always been used as a theme for parties. Kids love fish, sea shells, and sand castles. Why not incorporate those into a birthday party theme for the little ones?

Adults can also benefit from this theme by throwing an Under the Sea dance and get that nostalgic teenage feeling again.

Not many will be able to say no to an underwater adventure either and kids will love a treasure hunt or to play in a swimming pool pretending to be fish, mermaids, or seahorses.

So get to brainstorming, take hints from movies or television, and set up a great party for any little boy or girl and even your adult friends.

Planning Sea Themed Birthday Party


Sea Birthday Party Theme Invitations

This will be really simple once a guest list is complete. Disney’s The Little Mermaid is a great idea for little girls who want to be just like Princess Ariel. Then again, a more generic theme with sea turtles or even sand castles on a beach will work just as well.

Children will love anything that has to do with water especially if the birthday party will involve a trip to the beach or a local pool.

You can make your own invitations as well using card stock and finding downloadable prints of ocean waves, surf boards, sea life, or beach settings.

For adults, think an Under the Sea Enchantment dance just like in Back to the Future and use an old 1950s theme inviting guests to dance under the sea wearing sock hop clothing or elegant formal wear for a more prom like feel.

Sea Birthday Party Theme Decorations

Blue streamers that hang from the ceiling and green streamers tacked to the wall will resemble seaweed. Tack star fish and rainbow fish on the wall as well or even make them place settings. An elaborate sea shell would be a good idea as a center piece no matter where the party is held.

For a more pool like feel have a 1960s beach party decorations with music by the old beach bands of that decade. Adults and kids alike will have fun dancing to those oldies and polka dot swimsuits can be made from cardstock or construction paper as place settings as well.

Basic sea plates are fine unless there is a specific Disney theme. Many party stores will sell plates, napkins, and cup sets specifically for an under the sea feel with turtles, fish, and sea palaces.


Sea Birthday Party Theme Food

This will be a fun party to plan a menu for and will be easy to keep most anyone happy. For a more elegant party serve appetizers, wine, champagne, and have a nice sit down dinner asking guests in their R.S.V.P to indicate a serving choice.

Kids will love having fish and hush puppies either catered or homemade. Make sure to add lots of fruits and veggies as well.

A fruit pizza is always a good choice and since it’s so naturally sweet even the pickiest eaters will enjoy. Cakes can be decorated with sea waves or sea life.

Surfer parties of course will have surf boards and maybe even people dancing on the beach in the old 1960s beach party fashion.

Sea Birthday Party Theme Favors

Don’t even send adults home without a good party favor. If money isn’t an object send home a gift card to a winery or favorite restaurant.

For children gift bags with fish crackers, gummy candies, and sea toys and trinkets will get smiles. Lots of dollar stores will have cheap gift bags and trinkets just for these occasions.

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