Sesame Street Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 22, 2012

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

We were rarely allowed to watch television unless it was an educational program or a special occasion like a birthday or national holiday. Most of our free time was spent reading books and playing outside, riding bikes and generally rolling on the floor being kids.

When Sesame Street came into our living rooms, my parents were an excited bunch as we would finally learn how to spell and count correctly in tandem with learning some social skills and different cultural aspects of a diverse group of people.

It was a Muppet show that aims to educate and inform children on what is going around them and promote good morals basically.

Since we grew up watching Sesame Street, my sister was excited when my nephew said he wanted a sesame street birthday party.

Planning Sesame street birthday party

For the sesame street birthday party invitations, we made an invite with a photo of Elmo, Oscar the Grouch another set with the photo of Kermit the frog and another of Big Bird on the front and the invite asked the children to help Elmo, Kermit the Frog, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird and the gang find the name of our street and house number on Saturday, September the 8th at noon.

sesame street birthday party

For the decorations, we did not have to do much. Since we were having an outdoor party at my sister’s house (she has a nice, big backyard), we only set up green, red, purple, yellow, white and black balloons, printed numbers zero through nice and hanged them from the trees as well as the letters of the alphabet. We set up tables with coloring books as well as crayons in addition to art and craft materials. We had an art center, a coloring center, a song and dance center, a food center, a magic center as well as an ABC and 123 corners.

The food for the sesame birthday party was simple. We had marshmallows, cotton balls, lemonade, and cupcakes representing different sesame street characters as well as chocolate, strawberry and banana milkshakes, cookies, mini pizza, jelly, mini sandwiches, mini burgers in addition to a big cake that had tiny sesame street characters on them.

During the party

We started with the song and dance station where the kids had fun singing nursery rhymes and dancing to some music. When they got famished, we took them to the food station and afterwards to the arts and crafts and coloring station so that they could relax as the food they ate got digested.

The magic center was opened up after that and the clown made balloon animals for the kids and did some magic tricks. The ABC and 123 centers were next and the children showcased their prowess in singing the alphabet and counting numbers.

To keep the party up and going (keeping children’s attention is a task in itself), we had a puppet show. The kids enjoyed it and it was time for their nap before we picked up for the remainder of the afternoon. When they woke up, the birthday boy cut his cake and they had it with warm milk.

The birthday party was almost coming to an end and we played a game of tag and help Elmo find the number or the letter (insert number or letter) and the first child to point at the correct answer was rewarded with a cookie. All things considered, it was a fruitful Sesame street birthday party.

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