Setting Up a Murder Mystery Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 17, 2012

Human beings are curious by nature. If we were not curious in the first hand then many things would not have been discovered nor invented! We would still be the same place as we were years ago if it was not for our curiosity. One of the things that peaks a human being’s curiosity is a good mystery.

When we encounter a mystery (any situation, object, or an individual that exhibits features or qualities so vague as to stir up curiosity or speculation) our curiosity is aroused and we tend to solve the puzzle so as to satisfy our curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat but that does not deter us.

A murder mystery birthday party game is a fun way to celebrate your birthday especially if you love solving puzzles or role playing games. Think of yourself a Sherlock Holmes or one of the CSIs or a private detective, a police inspector or whoever else solves murder mysteries.

Murder Mystery Birthday Party

Planning Murder Mystery Birthday Party

The first step of setting up a murder mystery birthday party is coming up with an interesting storyline, with a list of characters and an overview of the role each character will play in the murder mystery birthday party game.

The next step is writing an invite. Each guest will get an invite with a detailed description of the character they will be playing during the birthday party. Make sure you let them know what they are to share with the rest of the guests and what to keep secret.

You can make the invitations in form of a magnifying glass or you can have an outline of the body and label it: Who is the killer? You should also send them clues as well as objectives and tasks they have to perform before they are allowed to ask questions and go about solving the murder mystery.

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Make it success

For a murder mystery birthday party to be successful, you will have to give clear, unambiguous guidelines on the scenarios that have to take place in the course of the game.

Make sure the guest who is playing the murderer has a way of killing of his or her victims by them being in the same room without the rest if the guests knowing that they are in the same room. This will call for a little bit of creativity and you and the murderer may just have to improvise from time to time.

Make sure that the murderer informs you who he or she intends to kill and how he or she will go about killing them off, one at a time till the mystery is solved. Get red scarves for the murder victims to wear when they are killed off.

When a character is killed off in the murder mystery birthday party, let them go to a section of the room where they cannot see what is going on. Let them discuss among themselves what they think will happen next or who will be the next victim.

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Make sure they know they are not to reveal any more details on their characters as well as tell the remaining participants who killed them! As the host of the mystery birthday party, drop hints here and there to help the participants figure out who the murderer is.

When the participants are making a guess on who they think the murderer is, make sure you gather them all together. A wrong guess will earn them a penalty of twenty minutes before they are allowed to guess again. A guess can be made after at least five minutes from the time the previous guess was made.

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Tips for Setting Up a Murder Mystery Birthday Party

Have fun in the mystery birthday party by letting each guest come in as their characters from the start of the party.

  • Let them dress the part and after you have had your food, you can start solving the murder mystery.
  • Have a small token ready to reward the person who has made the correct guess and identified the murderer. If no one figures it out, give the token to the murderer for playing the part so well!
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