Shark Birthday Party for 7 year old boy

by admin on October 21, 2012

With four children, parties can never be expensive in our house. For my son’s most recent 7th Birthday party, he chose a shark theme for his party – based on the fact that he wanted a shark cake.

Since he wanted to invite most of his fellow classmates, we had to get creative and do as much of the prep as we could for free or for pennies. After looking online, I found a site showing how to make easy cakes that looked great – one of which was a shark.

Planning Shark Birthday Party

The day before the party, I worked on making and cooling the cake, then decorating it in the evening after all the kids were in bed. I made marshmallow fondant on go on the outside – difficult to work with, but turned out looking much more professional than if I had just frosted it. Overall, it turned out looking great, although slightly different than the picture.

shark birthday party

To make invitations, we wanted something personal and unique to my son. We finally decided on my son drawing an original shark picture, which we scanned into our computer, printed out copies of, then cut out, and wrote the invitation information on. My son handed them out at school as opposed to mailing them out and spending the money on the postage.

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My son wanted party hats, since it’s always part of the fun of a party – looking the part. A normal hat would have been easy, but we decided to get creative and make it a little different and special – since we were doing them from scratch. We ended up making shark fins to go on everyone’s heads.

Another important thing to all my kids is the pinata. It’s something that they look forward to – hitting a swinging shape in anticipation of candy pouring our. It’s something most adults look back at fondly, and it’s something I do not want my kids to miss out on simply because money it tight.

So, for an entire week before the party, my son and I worked together on a shark pinata. We started out with thin cardboard and shaped it as best we could. Then, we took my parents old newspapers and used paper mache to cover it. It was a little hard to break – since we made it too thick. Then, we used streamers made of crete paper purchased at a 99 cent store to decorate the outside. The kids all had a blast trying to break the unbreakable pinata.

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We did one actual game, a variation of pin the tail on the donkey. Ours was pin the fin on the shark. My husband and son worked together on making a large shark, while I made the extra fin and blindfold. One thing we did purchase was the party favors – not much, but we did get an inexpensive shark tooth necklace for each child. Something they may actually want – and maybe something to help them remember my son’s birthday for years to come.

Even though everything was done cheaply, the kids all had a great time and my son and I had great one-on-one time making the supplies. Our party turned out to be so much more special than if we had simply gone to a store and purchased what we wanted.

Submitted by Patti C., Ventura County, CA

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