Smiley Birthday Party theme

by admin on October 6, 2012

Planning Smiley Birthday Party Theme

Having a smiley birthday party theme might seems like a lot of work, but isn’t your birthday precious? Important things included in a smile themed birthday party are costumes, decorations, food and arrangements.

For a smiley birthday party theme there should be such activities like one legged race, clothespin drop and musical chair. You can also use birthday hats to make the birthday very special.

Smiley Birthday Party Decorations

For a the decorations, you should purchase the plates with printed smileys on them. Kids will love to have meal on those plates. If you choose a yellow smiley for the theme then decorate the whole place with yellow color and also use the plates of yellow color. Use decorations of bright color so that it can gain the attention of the audience.

You can purchase the pictures of smileys from the stores and paste them on the walls to make the place attractive for the kids. Posters of similes can be pasted on the walls or these can be hanged.


Balloons are the most important part of the birthday party people can’t even think about the party without balloons. There are many ways to decorate a party with the balloons. Balloons have a very special impact on the different age group. Balloons can be purchased in various colors of different shapes and sizes from the birthday party supply stores.

The designing of invitations are also very important as these are sent to invite the guests to the party so, related to the theme you can order the invitations with printed smileys on them in different colors.

smiles birthday party

Smiley Birthday Party Cakes

There are many different ideas of cake for smiley birthday party but a cake like yellow smiley is best. You can easily bake the cake at home, it is very easy to prepare. Bake a simple cake and put yellow cream on the whole cake, then make the eyes and smile of the smiley with a black or brown cream. Cupcakes can also be baked for the party with yellow cream coating.


Smiley Birthday Party Favors

Different smiley faces stamps can be given as favors to the kids attended the birthday party. Toys with the smiley faces on them can also be given to the kids like the yo-yo.

Smiley stickers can be given to the kids as favor. Pencils, pens and autograph diaries with smileys on them can also be added in the favors.


If you have selected a smiley birthday party theme then definitely your aim is to spread smile everywhere, you can do this by arranging a great party for the kids. Smiles theme for a birthday party is perfect for the children that are under 10 years. Now you can rock the smiles themed birthday party with these dazzling ideas.

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