Snake Birthday Party Theme

by admin on November 11, 2012

Snake birthday party theme

was a more avoided and feared therefore it was rarely considered as a birthday theme by parents planning a party for their kids.

Most parents, as much as they don’t mind scary things, they did not consider this theme. Truth be told to parents, taking this theme for your son would rock your party than you would expect going for a gentle creature.

Discovery channels and documentaries on snakes have made people appreciate and recognize snakes in general. With these references in mind, your party would have accessories that would fascinate people.

This theme would mostly be preferred by boys as girls would go for something gentle and less scary.

Snake Birthday Party Theme Decorations

Based on snake birthday party theme were hard to find but nowadays, commercial decors are many and one can also add their own custom made decors. These decors would come in colors usually associated with snakes like green, black, red and yellow.

These colors would actually make your decorations illuminate the room you choose to do the party. The decorations can include cut outs that are snake-shaped and well colored, utensils placed in the room should have snake portraits on them and snake dolls would also be helpful to portray the theme.

Just like in Christmas, a tree like a canopy, placed in the place where the ceremony would take place would be superb as plastic snakes, snake dolls and ribbons of various colors could be hanged to make it seem as though there are snakes on the tree. This would surely create the identifying symbol of the theme chosen.

The venue selected is the one that will dictate whether decorations should be used or not. Some may choose to take the party to a zoo. This by itself would have created a good environment that wouldn’t require much decor.

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Snake Birthday Party Theme Activities

Many activities can be created and played based on the snake birthday party theme and it’s so obvious that it would fascinate and engage the children invited fully.

Activities that would move along well with these themes are:


This would create interest in the kids. Sticks of small size, which have been scraped off their bark, can be made available and kids are to paint the sticks to look like snakes. This will create a competition like game to see which kid comes out most creative.

Face painting would also add a twist to the painting game. Kids painting each other on their foreheads or even calling a painter to paint the kids would interest them.

Slithering competition

This is whereby the children align themselves in one line and race, not by running to the finish line, but by slithering on the floor like a snake.

Tale time

This is a session where kids are required to sit down and narrated for tales on various things. Since it’s a snake themed party, tales that involve snakes would blend in well.

Snake Themed Birthday Cake

A snake-shaped cake should definitely not miss in the party. A well baked snake-shaped cake would mark and cement the snake party theme in the invited people’s minds. This snake cake should have one of the colors used in your decorations and a green frosting would provide a grass-like idea on kids.

Snake-like chocolates would also work in the snack department as well as serving people with plates with snake drawn on them and mugs with snakes pictures.

I hope that now it will make you adopt the snake birthday party theme next birthday party as I have given you ideas on how to make it colorful and glamorous.

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