Spa Birthday Parties

by admin on December 30, 2012

Spa birthday parties for the little ladies

Moms go and have themselves pampered for their birthdays with friends and little girls watch mom leave and envy her relaxation.

They also want to be grown up like mom and have a facial, have their nails done, hair done, and feel pampered. While an all spa day for little girls isn’t really affordable or feasible moms can make their little girls feel pampered just like a spa would.

At home spa parties are becoming more popular and moms are coming together to share ideas and create sleepovers and day spa parties for their little ones.

Plan Spa Birthday Parties

spa birthday party

To start with, make invitations that might have images of women with cucumbers over their eyes or a pretty hand with freshly painted nails. Decide if the spa party will be an overnight sleepover or for younger girls just 2-3 hours long. Involve the parents of the guests in case there are allergies to certain types of facial products or creams and makeups. After that the planning for the big day can begin.

Set up a station for the girls to receive a pedicure, manicure, or their first facial. This doesn’t need to be something that breaks the budget.

  • Simply find old facial cream jars and fill them up with plain hand or body lotion. This gives the feel of a real spa.
  • Next line out all the nail polish you have but don’t buy an extra amount just for the big day.
  • Do add some colors such as blues and pinks and oranges in case little girls want to be unique or try something a little different
  • Emery boards and nail dryers are also cheap at retail stores and make a great addition to this party.


Spa Birthday Parties Favors

For favors, send home little tubes of play lipstick or nail polish bottles. Again, always check with the parents of guests in case they do not allow such items in their house and only consider them for play.

Never overstep bounds and make all guests comfortable. Favors can also be little chocolates such as Dove or Hershey kisses since women eating chocolate in spas and salons is a staple.

If makeup is used make it appear to be little samples the spas would hand out as well.


Spa Birthday Parties Food and Cakes Ideas

Appetizers could be something like gourmet cheese and crackers. Little girls will like being served what could be called hors d’oeuvres.

Serve drinks in tiny teacups for an extra flair of pampering and cut cake into tiny pieces for that delicate touch.

Of course the cake and ice cream are important so a cake decorated with the same design as the invitations would be a fun place to start.

The cake could also have a pair of kissing lips, be a simple ribbon tied up in the middle, or whatever the birthday girl wants. It’s her day she can have a teddy bear lying in a chair beside a pool if she wishes.

Above all make this party just about fun and pampering and join in with the girls. Paint your own nails silly colors and wear the cucumbers over your own eyes. Play relaxing music and let the little girls gossip about their lives and school days. Let them have their day at the spa.

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