Spiderman birthday party

by admin on October 28, 2012

Planning Spiderman Birthday Party

Are you the parent of a son? Is he into action heroes especially Spiderman? Is he asking to celebrate a Spiderman birthday party? If he does, here is the place to have it all. We covered from birthday invitations to birthday party food. Your planning will be ready in a minute.

Spiderman birthday party Invitations:

When making invitations, you have a couple of options depending on the age of your child. Each invitation can be either homemade for a cheaper option or purchased online by googling “Spiderman birthday invitations”

  • Spiderman Invitation – this would be the easiest invitation and can be created on A5 card and includes a picture of Spiderman as the main image and then on the opposite side – the details of the party.
  • Spider Web – If you are wanting to try your hand at being a bit more creative , then either by googling for pictures of spider webs or creating your own following the similar patterns used for creating paper snowflakes. Add your spider web to a piece of black card and you have a stand-out Spiderman party invite.
  • The Daily Bugle – If you have an older child who wants a Spiderman party, or wanting an invite that will definitely need your creative juices flowing, why not try your hand at re-creating the invite in the form of a newspaper article with the heading “Spiderman is turning Eight” . For those who are unsure what The Daily Bugle is, it is the newspaper that Peter Parker aka Spiderman took photos for.

Spiderman birthday party

Spiderman Themed Birthday Party Games:

Needing some party games to keep the children entertained? Below you will find many great ideas:

  • Pin the Spiderman on the Web – Like Pin the tail on the Donkey, why not create your own version complete with Spiderman and his spider web. In creating the web, you can purchase 2xA3 red card and a black vivid and if you know somebody who is talented at drawing, they can draw you a spider web. Depending of the number of children, it will be easier to head onto Google images and find a printable picture of Spiderman for each child to have a go at pinning him on the web. To make it more challenging, it is always a good idea for the children to be blindfolded.
  • Web Jumping – Like musical chairs but done with web mats. The mats which are best used and similar to spider webs are circular placemats. What’s best about the mats too is that since they are small, it will make the game more intense and enjoyable.
  • Face Painting – if you are hosting a birthday party for the younger audience, they all love face painting. So why not, have a go and paint as the child enters the party their faces as either Spiderman or Villains from Spiderman like Green Goblin and Venom.


Spiderman Birthday Party Food:

Below, is a list of quick ideas for your Spiderman birthday party

  • Spider Webs – As children love playing with dough and more often than not they try to eat it, why not combine their two favourite things and make Edible Dough in which the children can make into their own Spider web for Spiderman and then the best thing, they can eat it once they have finished playing with it.
  • Spiders Galore – A quick and easy meal is making spiders. Grab two round crackers and in between you can place whatever spread you wish e.g. Nutella, Cheese Spread, Dip, and Peanut Butter and then as legs have a string of black liquorice coming out of the crackers.
  • Green Goblin Food –You can’t have Spiderman without his villainous best friend The Green Goblin and children love different things, so why not serve hotdogs or cocktail sausages with green sauce and green mustard. This can be dyed by using food colouring and is safe.

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So parents, get those purse strings webbing out into the community and start planning your child’s Spiderman birthday party with our quick party planning guide.

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