Spongebob Hawaiian Birthday Party

by admin on October 22, 2012

Spongebob Hawaiian Birthday Party For: Child 9 years old boy

The party had spongebob themed invatations that had spongebob and patrick the star fish on them. Which grass skirts and pineapples all over the card. It had the name of my child, date and time of the birthday party and where it was located and what they would be doing at the party.

Decorations streamers , balloons, cups and plates that were all spongebob themed. Party menu included chips cheese puffs spongebob cake including all characters like spongebob,patrick,sandy,squidward, planktin and mr.krabs , hoagies, sodas, burgers, hotdogs, and assorted cupcakes with spongebob and patricks plastic rings on them.

Some activited included swimming in the pool diving for spongebob rings, volleyball including a spongebob ball, spongebob and patrick pinyata. The kids got to dress up as their favorite spongebob character, like patrick, sandy, mr.krabs , gift bags included spongebob chocolate and all character platic rings and spongebob little ballons and spongebob bouncey balls.

spongebob squarepants birthday party invitation wording

The cake was sponge bob and all characters included on the cake was a marble cake chocolate and vanilla with buttercream icing the characters were plastic picks stuck in the cake. With color spray painted cake with ocean and pineapple on the cake.

Some of the children wore spongebob bathing suites such as sponge bob swimming trunks and spongebob bathing suites also had sponge bob towels and I provided sponge bob flips flop for all the kids different assorted colors and characters on them. We also had sponge bob table clothes for the party and spongebob bowls.

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We also had ice cream for dessert with spongebob sprinkles and the kids could have their own ice cream bar with sprinkles, chocolate candies, whip cream, and cherries. As you can tell this was a kids pool party and all the activities were outside. Some of the other food we had were make your own tacos either beef or chicken. The kids really loved that they could add veggies or have it plain , add cheese or sour cream whatever they wanted they could make it. Either hard or soft tacos.

Another dessert we had was brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Some other activites we had were spongebob catch were you throw the tennis ball and catch it with the velcro spongebob head and we also had a tiny water balloon fight with spongebob balloons. The pinyata was filled with different assorted candies like gummy hamburgers, gummy hotdogs, sponge bob chocolates, and nerds and lollipops.

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We also had a game called pin the nose on spongebob every child had a chance to try and pin the nose on spongebob. we would blind fold the kids and and turn them around 3 times and then they had to try and put spongebobs nose in the correct spot. Some kids got it other kids did not but all in all they loved that game.

One other pool game we played was marco polo instead of calling it marco polo we called it sponge bob someone would yell out sponge and the other person would yell out bob and the person that yelled out bob was suppose to be caught by the person that was sponge bob.

The kids also pretended they were the characters and acted out their personalities of the characters. I think this was a great experience for the kids to be able to learn and interact with their friends and have a good time while doing it. I would suggest this party to anyone the kids had a blast and really enjoyed the party. to this day the kids still want another themed party so were still planing the next one.

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