Spring Themed Birthday Parties

by admin on February 11, 2013

Spring themes for birthday parties

When the flowers start to bloom, temperatures begin to warm up, and Easter eggs and pastels are in the air, spring has sprung. Children and adults alike are ready for the new season to begin and to put the cold and snowy weather behind them.

Having garden parties, picnics, Easter egg hunts, and possible block parties with neighbors are great ways to celebrate not only the newborn season but also a special birthday.

No matter what age group you belong to there are so many ways to take this theme and make a celebration fit each and every person.

Planning Spring Themed Birthday Parties

Spring Themed Birthday Invitations

These should be light and airy with a very flowery or fresh feel. Greens are also a good way of showing the budding of spring by using trees, bushes, and plants on cardstock with downloads found on the internet.

Daffodils and Iris are very good choices for flowers in a spring time theme and they are also easy images to find for download on the internet as well. Also, party stores will have invitations that have Easter themes with eggs, rabbits, and candies if the birthday is also near an Easter Sunday.

spring theme birthday parties

Spring Themed Birthday Food

The menu should be something light for adults like sandwiches and salads if you’re having a garden party. Crips greens to welcome the season are always a great idea and add just the right flair to any party when paired with sunshine and a nice backyard scene.

Kids will probably want something a bit different like old standbys pizza or hamburgers. However, kids should also have a good and nutritious lunch. Kids might enjoy certain sandwiches paired with veggie and fruit trays. Fruit pizza is a fresh and sweet way to entice kids to eat healthier.

Cakes can have spring themes with budding flowers, Easter eggs, or rabbits. Even adults might enjoy a cute cake with rabbits playing in a grassy meadow.


Spring Themed Birthday Decorations

Outside set up white tables and chair if possible and use as many fresh flowers as available if the party is for adults. Don’t hold back for children either giving them a great feel for Easter or the season of rebirth with lots of flowers, plants, and other greenery.

Green streamers for indoor parties with partial suns tacked on walls are also a nice touch. It’s not quite summer time just yet so make the suns more muted yellows and smiling but leave off the sunglasses for now. Place settings and centerpieces can be flowers as well or cardstock Easter eggs.

Spring Themed Birthday Games

Have children color eggs and then hunt for them as a great activity to keep the party going. For parents who don’t like the idea of dyeing eggs and don’t want children coming home with ruined clothing use plastic eggs that can be decorated with stickers. Also, just use construction paper to make larger eggs and decorate as you wish. Plastic eggs can also hold smaller candies or trinkets and kids will love searching for something they can use in that respect.

For adults think something more subdued like trivia games or mystery games. Especially if this is a garden party people may be well dressed and not like the idea of trekking through the grass for treasure hunts. If the party is one in the evening a drinking game isn’t out of the realm of possibility to go along with the trivia idea, but make sure there are designated drivers.


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