Star Wars Birthday Party Games

by admin on July 29, 2012

Creative Star Wars Birthday Party Games Ideas

This party theme is really fun for slightly older children who don’t want a cartoon based party. To introduce the games and create some excitement, tell the children that they to become a real Jedi, they are required to complete 5 Trials:

1: Light Sabre Training

Fill the room or garden with balloons and give each child a light sabre (which they can later take home as favors or if you are on a budget, you can give them pool noodles). The aim is to try and keep the balloons from touching the ground by hitting them with the sabre and try to keep the balloon from hitting the ground.

2: Asteroid Hunt:

By now, the children will probably all be laughing and out of breath so this task is to help them to calm down a bit. Tell them that they need to save us from the asteroids by each finding one asteroid (pieces of aluminum foil crumpled up with candy inside which you have hidden around the room) and bringing it back to the ‘safe’ meeting point. They can then sit down and eat the candy while you introduce the next task.

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3: Course of Doom

Set up an obstacle course where they have to jump over a river of lava (yoga mat or red heaped jumper etc), jump from stone to stone (white cardboard circles on floor or pillows), crawl through a ring of fire (a cardboard box or play tunnel) and safely get to the Millennial Falcon (a sofa or a rug).

4: Destroy The Death Star!

Make a piñata which looks like a Death Star using a large punch balloon and covering it in a paper mache mixture (flour, water and strips of newspaper) then painting it gray. Cut a little flap, add the candy and close. This is an easy and fun activity to do with the birthday child before the party. The kids can then take turns to break it open using a real light sabre.

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The Final Task:

After all of these action packed activities, calm the children down by playing Star Wars Bingo. You can print these off from and play a few times until each child has won a prize (like a glow in the dark bracelet which is available at Walmart in 6 packs for approximately $2.)

Lastly, you can have a knighting ceremony where each child is called to the front and awarded a ‘Certificate of Jedi Completion’. Click here if you want to know how to plan star wars birthday party

star wars birthday party games

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