Summer Birthday Party Theme

by admin on February 19, 2013

Have summer fun all year round with Summer Birthday Party Theme

Birthday parties don’t always have to suit the season. Sometimes when winters seem long or it’s making children a bit mopey seeing the leaves turn and the temperatures getting colder, heat things back up and throw a summer party any time of the year.

Indoor pool parties are great ways to bring back the feeling of summer. Barbecues are also another awesome birthday idea to make everyone remember the good old times of summer.

Start squeezing the lemons for lemonade, mix up the kids some Kool-Aid, fire up the grill or call a local indoor pool and get the party planning started.

Planning Summer Themed Birthday Party


Summer Birthday Party Theme Invitations

Pool parties are simple and can be planned so easily it’s almost stress free. Finding downloadable pool party invites are easy to use with cardstock for homemade cheaper planning.

Party stores will also have invitations for barbecues or backyard potluck parties that can be sent to neighbors and friends. Checkered table cloth invitations are also a great way to celebrate those summer picnics.

Jump right into designing your own invitations even with construction paper and let the kiddies design their own using grills, pools, pool toys, or suns shining down on a park. Being creative here won’t be hard in the least.

Summer Birthday Party Theme Decorations

For indoor pool parties just set up a table and have pool party supplies.

  • Use a small pool toy at each place setting or maybe even homemade settings designed with pool toys or water balloons.
  • Use yellow and orange streamers at home or rented areas and checkered table cloths for a picnic or barbecue feel.
  • Balloons can be tied to chairs and tables or even found floating around the room if finding helium isn’t difficult.
  • Put up bright yellow suns around the room as well to give it a very cheery feel and even have the sun wearing a stylish pair of shades.
  • Set up center pieces made of sunflowers or daisies to add a little bit of nature to the table.
Summer Birthday Party Theme Food

Barbecue or potluck food is a great way to kick off a feast for this theme. Grilled hamburgers, chicken, roasted corn on the cob, beans, and potato salad will make the menu feel just like a normal summer day.

Pizza is also a great way to please kids and have it feel like an easy going pool party.

Hot dogs are another good barbecue food but don’t forget to add the veggie trays and fruit bowls. Kids will love a fruit pizza as well since it’s fresh and has a sweet and summer like quality.

Cakes should be decorated with bright suns, flowers, swimming pools, and maybe even trees and green grass.

Just make sure if it’s homemade or catered to have it festive and bright to remind the guests and the birthday boy or girl of their summer fun.


Summer Birthday Party Theme Party Favors

Guests should never go home empty handed not even adults. Gift cards to water parks or indoor pools would be great ways to send off the guests at adult parties.

Even gift cards to favorite restaurants or retail stores are ideal ways to make a guest feel special for attending. Kids will love getting candy, jewelry, trinkets, and smaller gift card amounts to water parks as well. Just budget and know what you can afford.

Shindingz are great places to try and find just these types of parting gifts if candy are trinkets are what your budget can afford.

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