Superhero Birthday Party Theme

by admin on January 5, 2013

Throw a Superhero Birthday Party Theme!

This is a great theme for boys or girls and involves a lot of fun in planning and making the day a success. Finding a generic mask and cape or getting more specific doesn’t matter, the day is about making the birthday boy or girl part of a superhero team with their friends. It doesn’t hurt for mom and dad to dress up either.

Planning Superhero Birthday Party Theme

As the party planning starts parents may even get into the theme themselves as they remember their own childhood superhero days.

Superhero Birthday Party Theme

For starters think exciting and maybe a little comic book when sending out invitations. Use the word clouds and with “Pow!” and “Zap!” in them and maybe even send in the invite a generic mask and tiny cape for the little guests to wear upon arrival. This gets them excited about coming and saves their parents from having to buy things on their own along with a gift for the birthday boy or girl.

Decorations of course will include:

  • Balloons and those too can be labeled with the comic book cloud action words. Brightly colored balloons are best with vibrant greens, blues, reds, and yellows.
  • Make place cards with masked crusaders and the name of the guests in bold letters.


If choosing a specific superhero then is a great place to start. It also has a wide variety of Marvel comic character birthday supplies. From invitations, cups, plates, and napkins, will have any mom and dad of a little superhero ready for their big day.

Water bottles can be specially ordered along with candy jars to pass out for treats or to decorate tables. Make sure again all colors are very vibrant and keep labeling even party hats and cups with the comic book cloud action words.

For a center piece, drop in several gumballs or hard candies in a clear jar or vase and put lots of word sticks in with comic book clouds attached to colorful straws or wooden sticks. This makes the table bright and festive and it’s something edible for when the day is over.

Superhero Birthday Party Games

For games, think very active. Musical chairs for girls and horseshoes are good standbys but get more creative with an obstacle course and hide and seek type games.

  • Do a treasure hunt so the little superheroes can save the day.
  • Make trading cards or cheaper comic books the rewards and for the treasures to find make things that will be reminiscent of the superheroes in the movies and television.
  • Search for homemade kryptonite, a homemade utility belt from the Batman stories, a cat mask also from Batman, just think along the lines of what might be something kids relate to their superheroes.

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Superhero Birthday Party Cakes

If making a homemade cake think sheet cake that can be decorated with an easy masked face and caped crusader so the task is still simple and done on time.

For something more elaborate, if catering isn’t an issue, then have a cake baked in the image of Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman or any other popular superhero of this era.

Kids will love seeing their favorite hero on their cake and sometimes bakeries are getting rid of certain cake kits and will sell them much more cheaply.

The Recipe:

Just look for deals + bright colors + remember that the superhero is the star of the day = That’s all there is to planning this theme.

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