Survivor birthday party theme Ideas

by admin on November 11, 2012

Survivor birthday party theme challenge.

Hosting a birthday party for your teens? Wanting to declare it fun and challenging? Have they watched the television show “Survivor”? Why not decide to throw them a Survivor birthday party theme.

For anyone who has watched the Survivor show, knows that they have to rough it and participate in a variety of activities to win prizes e.g. luxury items and immunity.

They have to do things like eat disgusting objects and participate in team events all while living in the wilderness.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare and run your Survivor birthday party theme:

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When planning your survivor birthday party theme, you need to find an ideal location that is almost remote. If you have friends that own farming properties or know someone whom you can rent or borrow their paddocks for the weekend. Then this will be perfect as it will make the Survivor aspect of being out in the middle of nowhere more a reality.

Sleeping Quarters:

There is no such thing as comfortable living when running a survivor birthday party theme. Depending on the amount of people you have at your party and eight or more is the perfect number. You can organize two four-six person tents and have everyone bring a sleeping bag and a pillow for their bedding. As toilets are considered luxury items, you can makeshift a dunny outside but most farms should have one erected on their paddocks which participants can use.

Survivor Party Invitations:

Send the invitations in the form of an acceptance letter to the survivor birthday party theme.An example of what you can write is: Dear (insert name), Congratulations you have been invited to (insert name) birthday party.

In celebration we will be running a survivor birthday party theme. You are to only bring yourself, a sleeping bag, a pillow, toothpaste/toothbrush, flannel and a bar of soap.

You are also allowed to bring one luxury item. Please report to (insert location) address at 1200 hours for induction and torch ceremony. If you are hosting a survivor birthday party theme, why not pull out all the stops.

Survivor Themed Party Games:

What is a birthday party and a Survivor birthday party theme without games and challenges? Here is a list of fun games that you can play at your Survivor birthday party. As the point of Survivor is teamwork.

For these games you need to split them into two, this can be done by giving each team a different bracelet to separate the teams e.g. Team Survivor and Team Grylls (named after Survivor hero Bear Grylls)

  • Wall Challenge – Create a makeshift wall and have the whole team try and get them over the wall without the wall moving or twitching. This can be quite difficult but a whole lot of fun and helps strengthen the teamwork skills between the groups. The winning group can receive a prize like – a trip to the hot pools etc.
  • Food Challenges – On every episode of Survivor, you will always see that a food challenge is organized. For your Survivor birthday party theme, why not run your own food challenge. Have things like Drink 6 raw egg yolks and eat Huhu grubs or Caraway seeds. Quite disgusting things that people normally cringe and shy away from.
  • Newspaper Challenge – Give each team a newspaper and they have to make an entire outfit complete with accessories. Then each team has to organise a model and explain about the outfit. Best outfit and explanation wins.

So birthday participants, get ready to celebrate your Survivor birthday party theme with our quick reference guide.

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