Tea Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on September 9, 2012

What little girl doesn’t love a tea party? If you are stuck for ideas when it comes to her birthday why not consider tea birthday party ideas. Younger children especially love tea parties because it gives them an opportunity to dress up in fancy clothes, they can pour and sip tea, they get to pretend to be grown up and they can even invite their teddy bears.

Tea birthday party ideas are great for a parent as well as it is a formal party it helps teach your child perfect table manners. You can also swap a pot of tea with other parents whilst your kids enjoy the party.

Tea birthday party ideas are very popular with girls 10 to 14 years old. You can have themed parties, formal parties or a more casual laid back tea party. One thing you do need to remember is that if you are having a tea party the table is the focal point of the party. So go all out with a festive table cloth, place cards and flowers and nice plates and cutlery. You could use lollipop flowers to be a bit more creative.

When you throw a tea party the activities should be simple. Put a whole heap of your old clothes, shoes, jewellery and make up if you are brave in a box and let the kids go all out with dress ups. Kids love to dress up so take advantage of this and give them a camera and get them to take their own photos of the day. You can even hold a tea party fashion show. No tea party would be complete without everyone singing a rendition of I’m a little tea pot.

tea birthday party

Buy a cute pot and fill it with ice tea so the kids can have the true tea party experience.

Be creative by making your party invitations into the shape of a tea pot, buy small tea cups and saucers as something different to place in your party favor bags, and make some lollipop flowers for table decorations or some paper fans. You can even make your party favor bags into giant tea bags. You can find a template for the tea pot invitations and the tea bag party favor bags online. We have offer a free template for you

Now you have your party organized you just need some food. Now you could have the normal party food or you could provide something that fits in with the tea party theme.

Club sandwiches with the crusts cut off, cup cakes, juice or iced tea, mini quiches and of course the birthday cake. Let’s be honest no birthday party is complete without chocolate crackles. Who said you can’t have typical party food as well.

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If this sounds like the type of party your daughter would love but you don’t have the time to pull it off there are people out there who have made a business out of planning tea parties for girls birthdays.

Obviously this sort of birthday party won’t go down well with boys so if you are having boys at this party remember to include activities that they will enjoy as well.

A tea party birthday party doesn’t have to cost the earth. There is no reason a tea party should be any more expensive than any other birthday party.

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