Teen Birthday Party Games Concepts from Old Days

by Sherry on September 12, 2012

When I was growing up and being the typical teenager, we did not have the technological comforts the teenagers of today had.

Most modern teenagers do not know what a game arcade of the old looks like and the games they know how to play are online or on Xbox or PlayStation. I would like to take you a little back to the old school games before the advent of mobile telephony and game consoles.

Let me take you to the teen birthday party games I partook in way back when I was a rebellious teenager!

Teen Birthday Party Games

Spin the Bottle (I hope it lands on that cute guy!)

The crème de la crème of teen birthday party games from days of old. I got my first kiss from playing a birthday party game called spin the bottle when I was 16 years old. Old in the modern standards for a first kiss but back then, my mother considered me too young to even date! Make sure that your breath is fresh and to ensure that keep some mint chewing gum at hand. I remember seated on the circle with a plastic bottle at the center of the circle. The birthday girl was first to spin and it landed on Henry the cute, geeky boy in our class. He pecked her on her cheeks as requested by the birthday girl. The spinner of the bottle is the one who says what type of kiss he or she would like. French kissing was not allowed. Henry was the next to spin the bottle and so on. The quarterback John’s spin landed on me and he insisted I plant one on his lips; and that is how I got my first kiss playing spinning the bottle!

Truth or Dare?

This is one of the teen birthday party games that are still played till today. Most people dread playing this game as you would have to reveal something embarrassing about yourself or be dared to do something embarrassing. This is not a game for the faint hearted! The rules of the game are simple. You can start by spinning a bottle if you are a large group so as to find the person to play truth or dare on. The second person will choose either truth or dare. If she/he chooses truth, the spinner will ask him or her an embarrassing question about themselves that must be answered truthfully. If she/he chooses dare, you will be required to perform an embarrassing task. If you choose not to do the dare or reveal the truth, you pay the agreed upon penalty. You are also not allowed to choose a truth or a dare more than two consecutive times. The person who performed the truth or dare takes over and asks another member of the group a truth question or gives a dare and so forth. Word to the wise: play this game with your close friends as opposed to your enemies!

Seven Minutes in Heaven

I never really liked this game but most teens and was one of the teen birthday party games staple. The game entailed two people locked up in a closet for seven minutes (or any dark place) and does whatever their teenage minds wanted to do for seven minutes. The boundary of the activities that would take place was set beforehand (but sometimes it was left to the two people in the dark room or closet) and most teens used it as a chance to make out or simply stare at each other. I wonder what the teens of today would do with that seven minutes in the dark room!


Musical Chairs

Yes, I am talking about the game where there is music playing and the chairs is just enough for all but one person. When the music stops, you better have your butt on a chair or you will be out of the game. At the end of it all, there is one chair, two people and the one who is the last person seated wins the game! If you have any idea how to spice it up for the modern teenager, please fill me in.

Other games we used to play include water balloons; we had pillow fights as well as water gun fights. Twister was also one of our favorite teen birthday party games and had more than a few laughs playing them. Teens should make a spin to these classics and come up with their modern versions. Who knows, we may just end up with more interesting ways to play the classics!


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