Teenage Birthday Party Games

by admin on July 20, 2012

As children get older and turn into teenagers, they no longer want to play traditional party games like ‘musical statues’ and ‘pass the parcel’. They need more challenging game where they can boast about being the winner and actually have to think about tactics, speed and team mates.

Here are five teenage birthday party game ideas that will create friendly rivalry, fun and laughs for young and old party guests:

Teenage Birthday Party Games

Best of 5 Teenage Birthday Party Games


Twister is a popular game for teenage birthday party that is guaranteed to make people giggle. You can buy the board game from here or any local stores or you can make your own at home using an old bed sheet and drawing on the spots in magic markers or gluing on colored paper circles. The more people that you want to play at once, the bigger you should make your homemade board.

Name That Voice

Before the party, recordings some famous celebrity voices in one long stream. Give each guest a pen and paper (you could buy novelty pens like giant pencils, glow in the dark, fragrance ink or ones with feathers attached that they can take home as favors). Play the voices stream in one go and get the guests to jot down who they think the voice belongs to in the order that they hear them in. They can then pass their papers around and mark each others’ answers with the winner being the person whose guesses were closest to the correct order.

Eat the Donut

Thread ring doughnuts (one doughnut per two guests) with a thick piece of clean string. Tie the ends to two trees/poles etc so that the doughnuts are hanging. Split the children into girl/boy pairs then on your prompt, they have to try and eat their doughnut without using their arms or hands. The pair who finishes their doughnut first wins but if any team’s doughnut falls on the floor then they are eliminated from the game.

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Soda Stack

This is a good game to pay towards the end of the party. Collect as many drinks cans during the party (or you can pour them into a jug for guests or collect before hand) and make sure there is no liquid left inside them. Give two people two minutes to each build a tower out of cans and the one with the highest tower when the two minutes are over wins the round. The winner plays the next player until everyone has had a turn and there is an ultimate winner.

Two Truths and a Lie

This party game is a good icebreaker if you have guests that do not know each other very well. Everyone has a turn where they say three statements about themselves – two of which are true and one which is a lie. The rest of them have to guess which statement is the lie.

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