Teenage birthday party themes

by admin on January 11, 2013

Themed parties for teens that will please

Teens are thought to be in their own world but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hoping for a birthday party planned by their parents.

The first step is to actually talk to the teenager and ask them what they are expecting. A 13 year old will probably be happy with a pool party while a 16 year old might be hoping for something a little more elaborate or grown up.

Here are a few teenage birthday party themes to discuss with your teen and see if they are on board.

Teenage birthday party themes

Pool Party

Children just turning 13 or maybe 14 will love this theme. Renting a local pool isn’t the difficult and there are many indoor pools that are available at recreation centers. Sometimes the pool at the park during the summertime can be rented for evening parties.

Just be sure to include the teen in all preparations and remind them that their day is special. Let them choose the menu within reason, pick out their own cake, and invite a limited but special group of friends. They are coming of age and they will want to be part of the process and feel included in their big day.

Some ideas for food would simply be chips, cheeseburgers, pizza, and a premade cake with happy birthday, or something that will appear more “grown up” to the birthday boy or girl and their friends. Still be sure to include other parents in the party planning in case of allergies and if they are against sodas being served. Don’t limit things too much but still make it possible for all party goers to enjoy.

Sweet 16 Dinner Party

Some teens turning 16 might want to be seen as much more mature. Throwing a dinner party with a few close friends might really intrigue them. They can have their friends dress up in evening wear if they want and have hors d’oeuvres served. A sit down dinner might be preferred but the menu can still be of the birthday boy or girl’s choosing. A simple cake and some ice cream can also be served as well.

Music and a mood can be set with the genre the guest of honor prefers. Clear a dancing area in a living room or rent a small room at a museum or recreation center for the event. For those teens wanting a more grown up feel to their birthday this theme will be perfect. In fact serving punch or juice in fluted glasses would be a nice touch.

Sports Party

Make the big day as important as the yearly super bowl. Set up the living room for a big game with chips, dip, soda, and a simple cake with a sports theme.

Boys may love this theme more but they will feel like dad having his guys over on the weekends. You can even choose to send the birthday boy to a big game in town with a small handful of friends if money isn’t tight.

These are things adults do for their birthday and this is what teens are looking for. They want to start to delve into more adult activities and still have an amount of teenage fun along with it.

A day of sports will certainly make any teenage boy and his best friends smile and it’s even better if their team wins the game that day.

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