The Captain America Theme Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on October 20, 2012

The party was for my little cousin’s 6th Birthday. He really enjoys Captain America and I thought that it would be nice to surprise him with that theme.

Planning Captain America Birthday Party

So it all started out with my aunt, older cousins and relatives running around trying to find decorations and little party favors for my little cousins theme because he really wanted the theme and we promised so; once we had gotten everything together and situated, we had to get our things dropped off at the Shoppe that we had decided to have his party.

It was a very nice and really open area with a kitchen so that the food can be cooked, decorations can be set up and we can listen to music all at the same time!

Being that I am a baker; I was asked to make the desserts for the party with the captain America theme and I kept it simple and easy but the overall image was very beautiful.


I ended up doing more than what I had wanted but because I love my family, it wasn’t really a big deal for me because I was helping out in a positive way and I was making desserts that the kids and adults would enjoy and that means more orders coming my way from friends so; I decided to make the Captain America theme cupcakes, I made some chocolate pecan cupcakes, then we made some strawberry shortcake cupcakes, and last but certainly never the least; we made our Burger cupcakes!

Once those were decorated and cooled; It was time to head back to the location where the event was just so we could arrange everything before the birthday boy entered.

We arranged tables, chairs, we set up an area where you could see the edible art set up that my business partner and I had set up; you could see the decorations already in place and everything came together well!

We still had some cooking to do so; I grabbed a net for my hair and I was in the kitchen with my aunt who likes everything to be perfect so, to make sure that she didn’t get stressed out about anything; I made sure that I was on her side the whole time because I wanted her to enjoy herself and not get stuck in the kitchen to cook everything.

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It is a heroes birthday party and we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves, not cater for the event and then when the guests have arrived and everyone is dancing, we are in a corner somewhere getting our breath together because we just cooked, cleaned, prepped, and baked; but I digress..

Now enters the Birthday boy, Don and of course he needed to be extra and come into his party crying but we know how to cheer him up so we gave him a Captain America cupcake and he danced, played, and ate just how a birthday boy should on their day.

After the party, everyone looked as if they had a good time and all I could do was pat my aunt on the back and say “We did it”. She looked at me with a puzzled face but laughed and we wrapped up the things we were taking with us and left.

What a day that was!

Submitted by Jay (New York).

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