The Jedi Versus The Sith Star Wars Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 22, 2012

Planning a Star Wars Birthday Party

Good versus evil; light versus dark; that is a battle that we all have in our day to day life. We make a choice on a daily basis on whether we want to be good or bad depending on our moods and our moral conviction. There instances when you decide to give into your dark side, especially when someone pisses you off; but that is not what we are here to discuss this lovely day.

In Star Wars, the plot line is a battle between the Jedi (the light forces) and the Sith (the dark forces) and Anakin Skywalker (when he was a Jedi) but now called Darth Vader (since he joined the sith) is at the centre of the plot line development so as his son Luke Skywalker.

My son and daughter are avid star wars fans and they have been bugging me to let them have a star wars birthday party. Seeing that they both agree on how they wanted to spend their birthday (they are fraternal twins in case you were wondering), I decided to cave and let them have their way. After all, it was their big day and they were turning seven years old. A star wars birthday party they would get!

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Star Wars Birthday Party Invitations

For the invitations, my son wore a Darth Vader Mask and I recorded him inviting his friends to come and hunt him down and see who will win the battle Galactic. My little girl dressed up as Princess Leia and sent out the message to her friends to come and rescue her from Darth Vader. I burned them on DVD and sent them off to the potential birthday party guests. The kids gave the impression to have liked their invites a whole lot as some of them made their reservations via DVD and some decided to be Jedi warriors and others Sith warriors to make the party more fun. It was going to be a team Vader versus team Leia combat it seemed.

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Star Wars Birthday Party Cakes

After the invites were sent out, we embarked to the second phase of the star wars birthday party. My friend baked a Yoda cake (a chocolate and raspberry cake covered with green fondant and with ears and the cake was made to look like Yoda’s head). Yoda is one of a Jedi master who trains Luke Skywalker; for your information. We also made Anakin cupcakes and Kenobi cookies.

star wars birthday party

For the food, we made Palpatine Pizza (cheese, ham and bacon pizza), Chewbacca mini sandwiches (chicken and tomato, bacon, lettuce and tomato, chicken and ham, cheese and ham), Beru beef burger as well as Organa strawberry, blueberry and grapes platter.

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For the drinks we had Lars mango lassi, Greedo grape juice, and Amidala chocolate milkshakes in addition to Jar Jar Binks lemonade. The food and drinks were named after the star wars characters so that the party would be a true reflection of a star wars birthday party.

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Star Wars Birthday Party Decorations

As for the decorations, I hanged stars around the room and the centre of the room had a big star to represent the Death Star. I wrapped up cookies and waffles on silver foil papers (to represent moon stones) and placed them around the room and the youngsters took them home as party favours. I also had some Christmas lights around the room so as to divide the Jedi warriors from the Sith warriors.

After the kids had filled their tummies, they went about battling with their lightsabers which I got from the party store. The Jedi won and Leia was rescued. The kids also enacted a training session like the one Luke Skywalker had to go through to become confirmed as a Jedi warrior. All in all, it was an epic star wars birthday party for the twins!

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