Things to Consider for a Birthday Party Invitation Wording

by admin on September 19, 2012

Birthday parties are always fun to celebrate. This kind of occasion brings the family and friends even closer together. It creates a stronger bond and sheer delight that the celebrant will not forget.

Now, what do you do prior to a birthday party? You might probably plan different things to make a real, unforgettable birthday celebration. Well, planning a birthday celebration is not complete without giving birthday party invitations to the guests. Because of this, you make invitation cards ahead of time and send those to the people you want to come over so that they will come along and join the fun.

The first thing that occurs in your mind is the design of the invitation itself. Well, it’s pretty normal. The attraction it will bring to the people you are inviting is overwhelming. But you need to know that a stylish and well-designed invitation is not at all presentable if the details you put in the wordings is not complete and precise.
With this in mind, certain thoughts would appear in your mind and you start asking for ideas about what appropriate things to write in the invitation. Well, there are a lot of points to consider when writing a birthday party invitation. You have to consider what things to put in the wording.

Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Some of Birthday Party Invitation Wording are the following:

Friendly Greetings. First and foremost, this is the very first thing you have to put into wording. A friendly greeting will make your invitation sound sincere. With this, there is no way they will refuse a kind invitation.
The type of event. This would give them ideas of what celebration they would attend to—whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or a birthday party.

Name of the celebrant. The name of the celebrant is the most important detail to be written in the invitation because your guests might prepare something that would serve as a surprise to the celebrant. You should also write a brief description about the celebrant.

The date and time of the event. The very first thing your visitors would want to know is the date and time of the party. This will give them the decision whether they can come or not, because their availability depends on the date and time you are setting.

Venue. The accessibility of the place also matters for the visitors. This would also give them the idea whether they could come or not, depending of course if they can easily reach the place or not.

The theme of the party. The theme should be written in the invitation card as well so that they will know what to expect at the party. When writing about the theme, you should give the exact details about it.

Type of dress to wear. This makes them completely prepared for the celebration. This is important because most of the time, guests really want to know what to wear at the occasion.

Host of the party. Including the name of the host of the party generally adds up the beauty of the invitation.

In addition, when writing a birthday party invitation, you should keep your wordings clear and simple. Also, try to add quotes that would amuse the guests. Another tip to consider is placing the celebrant’s picture in the invitation card. This will make the invitation lovelier.

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