Think Chinese for your next birthday bash

by admin on January 29, 2013

Chinese Birthday Party Ideas

Some may find this controversial and others will make it a chance to immerse children in a different culture and possible era of time. The Chinese are very good at celebrating New Year’s and birthdays and make each a very special occasion.

With lots of pomp and circumstance and decorations, colors, and music, make your child’s birthday a fun filled celebration with a traditional Chinese feel.

Browse the net for food ideas, some cultural decorations, and then start to get the planning going! Kids and parents alike will find something fun about this theme.

Chinese Birthday Party Invitations

These can be fun and cultural by using a Chinese Zodiac sign or the animal that symbolizes that year on an invitation.

Make an invitation in red as that symbolizes happiness or maybe cutout small Chinese lanterns and use that template as an invitation. If you can find the right translation on the internet you can also use Chinese letters for your child’s name on the invitation with their English name underneath for a more authentic feel.

There are templates online at Zazzle and Pintrest for Chinese themed invitations that are easily printed out on cardstock. Personalizing these invites won’t take but a few moments and can cut down on planning time for more busy parents.

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Chinese Birthday Party Decorations

Set the theme with Chinese lanterns that can be purchased at party stores or made from construction paper at home. If you’re hoping to set the table and server dinner or cake in the dark with the lanterns only for lighting buying them at the store will be best and safer.

Make sure the lanterns are red as well as the streamers, balloons, napkins, cups, and plates. Red is a very important color and makes the theme more prominent.

Kids can dress in red outfits or girls can wear their hair in buns with sticks through them for a more authentic feel if desired.

If using Zodiac signs as placemats make sure parents are aware ahead of time that the signs will be used as some may feel their children have no need to learn about the Zodiac. Some screens set up around the house or rented space would be good for sectioning off eating areas or play areas.

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Chinese Birthday Party Food

Noodles, tea, and rice are good choices even for kids. Think small cups for a tea party that will resemble even the most posh Chinese tea house. Have kids sit on pillows in bare feet to eat around a small table on the ground or carpet.

White Chinese rice that is sticky will make using chop sticks easier to handle and try out if kids are interested. Since the Chinese do not usually bake their own cakes at home due to the fact they don’t have ovens in their homes, catering a cake shouldn’t make you feel guilty.

Add some fresh fruits that are native to China or use red food coloring to make the cake a dark shade of red. Again ask the bakery to put a specific Zodiac sign or animal for the year the birthday boy or girl were born to decorate the cake.


Chinese Birthday Party Favors

Send kids home with a craft such as a homemade Chinese lantern from construction paper or throw in another pair of chopsticks.

Don’t forget to send kids home with some candy as well, possibly something even with the popular cartoon character Kai Lan on the wrapper or some stickers.

By the time the party is over no child can say they haven’t learned at least a small amount about a new and exciting culture.

Chinese Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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