Thomas the train birthday party

by admin on October 1, 2012

Planning a Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Children look forward to birthdays, not just because of gifts but in hopes they will have a birthday party. Parents want their children’s birthday parties to be special.

Throughout the year, they take note of likes and dislikes. A popular idea for little boys is a Thomas the Train birthday party. When you host a children’s party with this theme, he will be the envy of all his friends.

Begin by sending Thomas the Training invitations to your son’s friends, neighbors, and classmates. Family members like to receive invitations even if you invite them by phone. Grandparents in particular like to keep invitations as mementos. For a special touch, have your son sign the cards himself if he is old enough. You can get creative with invitations. Instead of sending one from a boxed set, design a train ticket or boarding pass. This will leave an element of surprise when guests arrive.

Thomas the train birthday party decorations

When planning a Thomas the Train birthday party, there are decorations to consider. Stick with the primary color scheme of red and blue. It is okay to include touches of yellow as accent.

Tie balloons and streamers throughout the play area. Have blow ups of Thomas the Train placed in strategic locations.

Depending on how many guests you expect, train centerpieces can be placed on tables. If you have access to toy trains, they make neat centerpieces kids can play with while seated.

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Thomas the train birthday party games

Entertainment is the main ingredient of any good party.

  • You can create simple tic-tac-toe or simple charade games that incorporate the theme.
  • You can make outdoor toss games with targets that feature pictures associated with Thomas the Train.
  • As the host, you can wear a fun conductor’s cap or uniform.
  • And as conductor, you get to lead a round of follow the leader.
  • Be sure to make train sounds!

thomas the train themed party

Thomas the train birthday cake and favors

A birthday cake featuring Thomas the Train is the centerpiece of the party. You can make this yourself using a mold or order it from a local bakery. Buy theme paper plates, cups and napkins. Remember theme colors when buying plastic utensils. They even make paper placements to help round out your decorations.

It is a good idea to have snacks and beverages available during the party. You never know who might show up hungry. Train-shaped sandwiches or cookies are great ideas as are theme cupcakes.

Party favors are available that complement the theme. Provide Thomas the Train treat bags for all children in attendance. Make sure every child present receives a small gift of some sort.

You can buy these in bulk at party supply stores. They are inexpensive so get several types so no child leaves empty handed. A popular method for getting goodies is by having a piñata on hand. In addition to party hats, you can provide Thomas the Train coloring books and stickers to every child.

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To come up:

Birthday celebrations are special occasions for children and parents alike. They mark an important milestone in your child’s life and provide an opportunity to create new memories. A Thomas the Train birthday party will be especially memorable for your son. Play train sound effects every chance you get or buy a soundtrack related to the theme. Go all out for your child’s birthday and he will thank you for the experience.

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