Thomas the Train theme birthday party a 2 year old little boy

by admin on October 22, 2012

Hi my name is Lindsay Metheny and I am from Oklahoma. I recently did a birthday party for a 2 year old little boy.

The theme of the party was Thomas the Train. Like most little boys he loves choo choo trains, especially Thomas the Train. We sent out Thomas the Train invitations to all family members and a few family friends, as I believe a party for a two year old should consist of relatives and close family friends.

The cake I did was a homemade cake of Thomas the Train. I found a recipe for the cake online and followed it step by step. It turned out great and looked just like Thomas the Train. The party was thrown outside at a park so all the kids could run around and play. I cooked hamburger and hot dogs on the grill. Who doesn’t like hamburgers and hot dogs? I also provided chips and drinks for all the guests at the party.

Thomas the tank birthday party ideas

We had Thomas the Train balloons tied up (enough for each child to take one home), Thomas the Train hats, cups, and napkins. Our goody bags were clear and filled with a Thomas the Train wistle, pencil, stickers, and of course candy! We had a few activities for the kids to do. One activity was the where each child could make their own train engine. We collected brown paper bags from our local grocery store. Each kid was given a brown paper bag to make their train engine. The child would cut a big enough hole for their head at the bottom of the bag as well as arm holes. (smaller children had to have help from parents)

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We decorated each child engine with different colored tissue paper and used a stick of glue to help them stick. After each child was done making their engine we would place a numbered sticker on it and that was going to be their place on the train. We made a homemade train track out of black and brown sheet paper. The children would put on their homemade engines and get in order and go around the tracks with each one saying choo choo. Another activity that we did was a little train ride for the smaller kids. We had borrowed a couple of red wagons and brought one that we had.

We tied each wagon together to make a train. We decorated each wagon so that it would look like an actual train. My husband was the engine of this train and would pull the children around the park as if they were riding a train. The children seemed to love it.

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Beside the activities, food, and present there was a slide, jungle gym, and swings for the kids to play on. For a little thank you for all the guests coming we made each one their own train picture frame. The picture frame was made out of the pop sickle sticks and little foam shaped train shapes.

At the beginning of the party (after I was sure all the children who were coming were there) we took a picture of all the children together. As I was cooking the hamburger and hot dogs my husband ran to our local Wal-Mart and developed enough picture for every kid to have and put in their choo choo train picture frames that we made. Overall I would say this is one of the best birthday parties I have thrown and one of the best that I have been to.

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