4th Thomas the Train Birthday Party

by admin on October 18, 2012

Hi, my name is Jessica and I live in the Seatte, Washington area. Last May, my husband and I threw a birthday party for our son. It was going to be his 4th birthday party and we wanted to do something really special for him since we had some extra funds. A little background information on the little guy: he LOVES Thomas the Train. He is obsessed with Thomas, everything Thomas is the bee’s knees for this kid. So obviously, we underwent serious Thomas birthday planning.

Thomas the train e-invitation

We didn’t send out traditional invitations, since everybody and their mother uses Facebook these days. We just uploaded a Thomas the Train photograph onto the invite. This made it very easy to get a hold of everybody. The party theme was disclosed, gifts were optional. We let everybody know we would provide some refreshments, cake and ice cream.

thomas the train birthday party inivtation wording

Thomas the Train Birthday Cake

The really special part about the party food was the cake. We hired a close friend, who happens to be a professional cake decorator, to make a Thomas the Train cake for our son. The cake was blue in color, the decorations were perfect too. The top edges were made to look like train tracks and there was a real toy Thomas train with a caboose near the center. The cake was beautiful; we know he would just love it.

Thomas the Train Food Party Ideas

We had other food as well. We did regular vanilla ice cream because you can’t go wrong with vanilla. We also went to our local grocery store and picked up a few of those premade super huge sub sandwiches. For those, we just cut them up into small servings and put a colored toothpick in the center of each bite to keep it from falling apart. We had several dip options and chips as well that were placed out on platters. As far as beverages go, we opted for soda, regular and diet. To accommodate the folks who appreciate healthier choices, we provided a vegetable tray and fruit tray.

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Thomas the Train Party Decorations

To keep everything in line with the Thomas theme, the party decorations, were of course Thomas. We did Thomas the Train cups, they had all sorts of characters from the show on them. Thomas plates and Thomas napkins also fit the bill. Everything was super cute! Apparently, they do not make balloons in this theme. Luckily, we were able to find a small, affordable helium balloon tank that came with balloons for under $30.00. We filled up 50-60 balloons and tied them off with colorful ribbons. Most of the balloons stayed inside and some were tied to the windows for decoration. We cleared the living room of our home out and had chairs and tables set up for everyone.

When everything was said and done, our little guy was so happy. He loved the balloons and especially loved the Thomas cake. It’s October now and he still brings it up occasionally. The children and adults alike had a good time. The party was a success and really made his day.

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The only things I might have changed in our planning was the menu, if I had more time I could have made more theme based treats, which I am sure he would have appreciated before. Also, we did not give our party favors this year, I am sure the little ones would have liked them.

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