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by admin on January 29, 2013

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party Ideas

Winnie the Pooh has captured the hearts of so many children and adults alike. With memorable characters and songs it’s no wonder that Winnie the Pooh is still popular all of these years later. Kids can still find a lot to love about the bear who adores his honey and his friends Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet.

That’s why throwing a party with this theme works for so many age groups and for boys and girls alike. Just start browsing the net for invitation ideas, decorations, and then get your little one excited about a day with the gang from “100 Acre Wood.”

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party Invitations

Make these fun and adorable by doing them yourself or printing out some templates on cardstock from Pintrest, Etsy, or Zazzle. You can also cut out honey pots and use as invites or design the large tree that Winnie the Pooh lives in and use that as an invitation as well. Just be creative and stick to the theme.

Also, remember to spell honey, “hunny,” just like Pooh on the pots or anywhere it’s used. Something like, “Our Hunny is turning…” should be a great way to get the invitations going. If the child’s favorite character isn’t Pooh, go with Tigger or Eeyore, and don’t feel you have to pay homage to Winnie the Pooh only. This is the entire genre and the children are the ones that must enjoy the day.

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Pooh Party Decorations

Winnie the Pooh decorations are available all over the net. Sites like Party Pail, Wal-Mart, and Target have a large selection of ready to go decorations that will fill up any party room and set any table.


Do some homemade decorating as well by maybe cutting out honey pots and sticking them too walls, create a large tree and use it as a centerpiece or a honey jar with “Hunny,” written on the side.

You can use fake leaves and bird nests to place around the house to give the feel of a forest and also they can be used at each seat. Get lots of yellow and black balloons to go with the honeybee theme as those bees are the ones who make the yummy hunny for Pooh.

Pooh Party Food

Serve tea sandwiches for little girls and possibly hamburgers for little boys. Don’t get too fancy but also keep the meal theme oriented.

Ask the girls if they’d like a spot of honey in their tea or serve honey graham crackers on tiny plates. The cake can be made at home or catered whichever you prefer.

winnie the pooh birthday party

Some ideas for the perfect cake would be:

  • a large tree with several Winnie the Pooh characters standing around it wishing the birthday boy or girl a great and happy day.
  • Another idea would be to just have a honey pot in the center with little bees buzzing around.
  • Then there are transfers that will have Christopher Robin sitting and reading against a tree while Pooh talks to him and has his hands in his honey jar.


Pooh Party favors

Find little stuffed dolls in the Winnie the Pooh genre about the size of Beanie babies. It’s also nice to find cheap DVDs in bins and put those in the party favor bag as well.

Send kids home with honeyed graham crackers or other honey candies. Not many will remember the candy Bit O’ Honey but if you can find that, it’s a great way to stay true to the bees and honey theme.

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