Throw a Robot Birthday Party That Is Easy On Your Budget

by admin on May 22, 2013

Want to throw a robot birthday party? Here we have all the DIY resources you need to create robot party in a budget.

Robot Birthday Party Invitation:

You have to be able to make your own birthday party invitations if you want your robot party to stand out! These invitations may be a little tricky for those of you who are not crafty, however there other robot themed birthday party decorations in store that anyone can do!

Making these invitations may take some patience, especially if you have to make a lot of them for several different people. You can make these by using mat board as the robots main body and arms. For the ears, mouth, wheels and hands use construction paper!

You can buy construction paper and mat board anywhere that sells art stuff! You will also need something for the eyes (such as stickers), beads or brads that look like screw heads for the joints of the robots arms, and do not forget about the buttons! For these, you can use stick-on jewels! For complete instructions, you can go here

Robot Birthday Party Pinata

Some people like to have party favors or piñatas at their birthday party. For a robot themed birthday party, I suggest making a piñata! This robot piñata eliminates the messy process of using glue, wet newspaper, paint, and much of your time because all you need to do is tape it together!

All you need is two cardboard boxes, one being small and one being large, two shipping tubes, scissors, rope, duct tape and masking tape, and of course candy. Start by cutting a hole at the top of the big box and run a piece of rope through it. Tie the rope into a knot so that it can easily hang.

Fill both boxes with candy, then use the masking tape to close them. Tape the small box onto the big one (do not worry about it looking messy), and put aside for right now. Now for the tubes, cut them into four pieces (two for arms, and two for legs), now use the masking tape to tape them to the boxes. When you are done taping them, cover everything with duct take and decorate the outside! Click here to see the full instructions

Robot Birthday Party decorations


You can do quite a few different things for decorations at a robot themed birthday party, such as, making a robot centerpiece out of tin cans and string, or covering your front door with foil and decorating it to resemble a control panel, or even using silver tablecloths and balloons!

If your child has any robot toys, you can use them as decorations throughout the house! If you want to make the party decorations extra special, you can order printable labels that are free! You choose what you want printed, whether it is names, labels, stickers, etc.!

Goto birthday in a box for details

Robot Birthday Party Cake

Everybody expects to have good food and cake at any birthday party; however, you can make a DYI robot birthday cake easily. You will need three boxes of cake mix, and rolled fondant. Since most robots are square-shaped, you will want to make the cakes square (all you do is bake each cake mix preferably at the same time, when they are done, use a knife to cut off the rounded edges so that the cakes will stack on top of each other).

that you will need to do the same process for the robots head. You frost in between each cake layer, stack the cakes on top of each other, and then front the outside. Keep in mind, the frosting is only used as glue, you will be sticking the fondant over the whole robot, and then decorate him with whatever you want!

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Free Printable Robot Themed Birthday Party

HWTM hwtm blog Offer free printable in pdf from wrapper for candy or mineral water to gift tag.

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