Throwing a Fish Themed Birthday Party

by admin on June 24, 2013

If you want an exciting and colorful birthday party for your kiddo, try throwing a fish themed birthday party for him or her. This article will give you some useful and easy to follow fish themed birthday party ideas which your kid will surely enjoy.

Fish Themed Birthday Party Invitation

Start in planning and making the fish themed birthday party invitation. You can choose color blue papers to use for the birthday party invitation to set the tone of his or her birthday party.

You can make print fish pictures as decoration to the invitation to make it look more ocean-fish like. If you are not the type of preparing this stuff for the birthday party invitation, you can purchase invitation either online or selected specialty stores with fish and ocean designs already on them.


Fish Themed Birthday Party Decorations

For the birthday party decorations, why not set up the room where the birthday party will be held like an ocean kingdom with designs of different sea creatures with the main highlight of pictures of fishes on its walls.

You can but inflatable tropical fish by a dozen online or from stores and have them blown up so you can hang them from the ceiling. These blown up fishes can be taken home by the guests as the end of the party.


Fish Themed Birthday Party Snacks

For the birthday party snacks, you can prepare a display of cupcakes shaped like a fish. You can decorate them with M & M’s.

You can also prepare colorful fish cookies which will be enjoyed by the birthday kid and the guests. Also, you can prepare the following snacks such as fish sticks, peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches, fruit platter or pepperoni and cheese, ice cream cups with fishy design and a fish bowl full of goldfish crackers. Of course a birthday party needs a fishy birthday cake.


Fish Themed Birthday Party Games

A birthday party will not be complete without party games.

One party game which is suggested is magnetic fishing. The participants will have to go fishing for as many fishes they can fish at a given time. You can do this by preparing fishing rods with a magnet attached to the end of it. The fishes are paper cutouts with paperclips attached to it so that when participants fish for them, it will attach to the magnet placed to the end of it. The more fishes they fish, the better. Winner or winners will be decided on the quantity of fishes they fished at the end of the time set.

Fish Themed Birthday Party

Another party game is Pin the Fish in the Aquarium. In this game, you will need a large wall sticker which is placed on a big wall. Cover it with a large blue paper which will serve as your aquarium. Then place coral and bubble stickers on it to look like a big aquarium. The participants on this game will be blindfolded each holding a fish sticker and need to paste it on the said wall paper. The other guests who are not participants will give instructions on where to place the fish sticker on the wall paper. All participants on this game will all get prizes for participating in.

If you want your kid’s fish themed birthday party to be more memorable, you can prepare and give souvenirs to his or her guests. Send each guest home with goldfish soap in a plastic bag with water. This will not only make the guests feel special but it will also encourage them to use the goldfish bar soap during their bath times.

Fish Themed Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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