Throwing an Unforgettable Hollywood Birthday Party

by admin on May 4, 2013

Have you always wanted to be a Hollywood star? Is your birthday coming up? I know just the thing to make a Hollywood star ON your birthday!

1. Make your invitations very creative- It is good to hand make your invitations yourself because you have the option to create exactly what you want. Make them with glitter; it adds that Hollywood glam. Using red paper will make the invitation look glamour, like the Hollywood stars! Tip: on the front, draw a star with glue, sparkle gold flitter over it! Include your name, address to party, when to RSVP, time and date of your party and if they need to bring anything.

2. Create VIP invitations- if you want to have a sleepover with your closest friends after the main birthday party, create a VIP invitation to send them, along with the regular invitation. Use fun handwriting, and include if thee will be a change in location, what to bring, what time they be there and any other details you need to add.

3. Cannot forget the red carpet- Go to a local store that is specially made to sell party decorations and ask if they have a red carpet. If you cannot find time anywhere, they can easily made out of red fabric- just be sure to buy enough!


4. Throw a pre-show performance- have each guest perform a dance or a song. When the guests RSVP, have them tell you what they will be doing. If anyone if going to dance, be sure that you clear a space! Try to have these performances taped so everyone at the VIP party can watch them!

Throwing an Unforgettable Hollywood Birthday Party

5. The awards ceremony- Think of a name for your show. You can either use the original awards; Grammies, Oscars, Academy Awards, Golden Globes, etc. or, to make it more fun you can come up with your own! For the awards, you can buy little statues from a party store, or if you do not want statues, you can give out certificates! Realistically, you can use anything you want.

6. The VIP party- This party is not for everyone, only the friends that are closest to you. This should be the highlight of the night! Here, you will dance, watch movies, talk, and stay up all night. If you taped those pre-performance shows, everyone could watch those!

7. Look like a VIP star- Some of this depends on the age group, however if you are old enough to wear make up and hair stuff, you should tell your guests to bring some! You and your guests can do makeovers, or you could have your older siblings do the makeovers to make everyone feel like they are fabulous!

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