Tinkerbell birthday parties

by admin on January 11, 2013

Make TinkerBell a Perfect Party Theme

Peter Pan was always popular whether it was the Disney version or Barrie’s boy from the fairytale. Still, in later years Peter’s sidekick Tinker Bell has taken the spotlight.

Little girls love having the fairy on their bedspreads, backpacks, school supplies, t-shirts and on the T.V. The theme can be combined with many different variations such as pirates, other fairies, or a garden party. Mix is up, get the little ones to dress the part, and start planning as soon as possible to make the day super special

Tinkerbell birthday parties Invitations

These can be as simple or as elaborate as suits the theme. Many times Tinker Bell invitations can be purchased online or at party stores very easily.

Birthday express has a huge selection of Tinker Bell invitations and Pinterest is always a great place to start looking for templates if a parent wants to make the invites out of card stock to add a bit of personal flair.

Don’t forget to include the added theme in the invite. Pirates can be in the background or a garden or glade design behind Tinker Bell.

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Tinkerbell birthday parties decorations

This is where it can get really fun and sometimes really easy. Birthday express as entire party kits to make setting up the table extremely easy. Including at times streamers, banners, and party favors, these kits are great for working parents who won’t have the time to devote to the party that they would like.

Starting at $16.99 a festive selection of pink and green items will help anyone set up for the big day. String and balloons are also included to tie on chairs or around the tables. Add some treasure chests if the pirate theme is part of the day. For garden themes include a selection of flowers or flowered designed table cloth.

For those who might have allergies make sure the flowers are plastic. Little fairy princess will like seeing lots of vines and butterflies as well incorporated somehow on walls or on the back of chairs if the party is outside.

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Tinkerbell birthday parties Games

Have a fairy dance contest while playing music from any of the Tinker Bell films. Hide and seek through a glade in the backyard is also fun.

Musical chairs that are decorated with vines, flowers, and balloons will also be loads of fun for the little girls.

Guessing games and maybe even Tinker Bell trivia would be a good way to pass out those party favors and prizes. Just keep the theme and don’t over complicate especially if the age group is very young. For the pirate crowd host a treasure hunt with fake gold pieces to turn in for prizes.

Candy of course is always a crowd pleaser and maybe a bag of homemade cookies iced and sprinkled would be perfect. Always check with parents about food allergies as milk and peanuts are the top allergies at this time.

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Tinkerbell birthday parties Menu

Have a fairy tea party or a seafood fest for the little pirates. On the other hand, pizza and hamburgers are always good choices as well. For the tea party use tiny cookies and finger sandwiches for the little ones to eat and enjoy and with seafood think quick and easy fish sticks and hush puppies.

Don’t fuss too much over the menu because the cake will be the main attraction here. Unless someone is a master baker having the cake catered would be a good idea.

This way Tinker Bell can be designed on the cake, a tree house with Tinker Bell outside or suspended next to it, and lots of leaves, butterflies, and fairies can be added as well.

Tinkerbell birthday Party Favors

Cookies, candy, rings, and other jewelry are great for the little ones. For older girls go ahead and send home make-up kits like lip gloss or eye shadows.

Check with parents first before sending home some party favors as children can have allergies or parents may not like the idea of make-up gifts. It’s always fun to also make some favors as well.

For a fairy birthday theme a tulle tutu to hand out to each guest as they arrive would be a good start. They are easy to make and fun to mix and match different colors of tulle and other fabrics used if the tulle by itself is too itchy for some sensitive skin.

Here are some directions for making a fast and simply tutu or fairy skirt for birthday girl and her guests.

tinkerbell birthday party

Just take things a step at a time. Start with a guest list, set a date, get some invitations sent and start the ball rolling. Older siblings might even help with making tutus or putting up decorations so don’t be afraid to include the family in the event. Tinker Bell smiling and flying overhead will be a hit no matter who puts the party together.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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