Tinkerbell birthday party ideas for 4 year old girl

by admin on October 13, 2012

The birthday party was for a little 4 yr old girl. She loved Tinker Bell so the entire theme of the party was completely based on Tinker Bell. Some Princesses made some appearances in the decorations but mostly it was Tinker Bell her self.

Tinkerbell birthday party invitations

The invitations were made up of a ticket type invite. It had the look of a old movie ticket with all the details that a invite would have in the middle. Then there was a graphic of Tinker Bell flying through the air in the center. The colors were mostly green and blues with some fairy dust falling behind Tinker Bell as she flew. It was long and skinny but still fit into invitation envelopes to be mailed out.

Tinkerbell birthday party food

The menu was the usual, cake and ice cream. The cake was a 3 tiered chocolate cake. The bottom tier was just a base and the top 2 tiers were cake. It had Tinker Bell flying through the air on the top 2 tiers with fireworks going off all around her with the Disney castle on the bottom. It including some Disney characters around the castle including Mickey and Minnie. There was also the princesses spread around the castle. There was also 3 flavor ice cream, chocolate , vanilla, and strawberry.

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Tinkerbell birthday costumes

She wore this cute little costume that was Tinker Bell’s dress and held a wand with a star on the top and it had sparkles all over it and streamers that sparkled. She had face paint on that had glitter in it. She had nylons on that had glitter through out.

tinkerbell themed party

Tinkerbell birthday party decorations

There was princesses all over the table cover. It was for the most part green with some blue highlights.

We had put 2 long tables together end to end so all the kids could sit together while the adults stood around them. Some found some chairs and sat against the wall. The gifts were piled in the corner near the table.

Those were unwrapped first in a large chair at one end of the table. She was handed gifts one by one from her mother who stood tot he side between her and the gifts. Everyone took pictures over head of the children sitting down around the table.

There were small glittery fountains in the center of the table on either side of the cake. Once the gift unwrapping was over she sat in the middle of the table and cut the came, with help from mom.

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Tinkerbell birthday party activities

After the cake was eaten and the gifts had been fully opened all the kids ran outside in the backyard . There were a few things for them to play with like LED wands and princess beach balls. There were also squirt guns that were multiple colors and water balloons prefilled in buckets that had princesses around them.

All in all I think the kids had a great time and I think secretly all the parents did too. After all with multiple buckets of squirt guns and water balloons there was little hope they were going to go home without getting involved.

Submitted by: Andrew Hartmann

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