Tips in Making Tea Party Birthday Invitations

by admin on September 11, 2012

Tea Party Birthday Invitations – Free Download

Celebrating a birthday is one of the most important events on a kid’s life. This is the time where he can be with his friends as have fun. It is normal for kids to compete on who has the best birthday party. Birthday parties could come at various forms. There are costume parties, backyard parties, and a lot of theme based celebrations. One of the most simple but popular birthday themes is a tea party birthday theme. Aside from being cost efficient, it is easy to prepare. Kids always enjoy a nice and well prepared tea party.

A significant aspect of a birthday party is making invitations. The birthday party invitation is the representation of how the party is going to be.

Before sending out the tea party birthday invitations, make sure that it has the right elements on it in order to be effective.

Here are some tips in making tea party invitations:

  • The vital information should be there. It is very tempting to pass this one up since you assume that all of your child’s friends know where he lives. Even if it is true, details should be written in the invitation. It is awkward for kids and to you to arrive very early on a party or have the wrong costume. So make sure that the address, time, and event type is written on the invitation.
  • Create the impression of what to expect on the party. As mentioned earlier, the invitation serves as a thing to inform the guests on what to expect on the party. Aside from the information written, the design of the invitation should be related to what the party is about. For example, tea party birthday invitations should have a picture of table, balloons, and teacups on a bright and sunny afternoon to impress a picture of a cool and fun tea party.
  • Add the elements of a tea party theme with which the children are familiar of in the invitation. Adding a touch of tea party to your invitation helps a lot for the kids to determine what the party is about. Put tea party characters which are popular such as the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland or Winnie the Pooh. This will stimulate the guests’ imagination and get even more excited about coming to the party.
  • Giveaways and treats often do the trick. You can add treats or small tokens in the invitations or make the treats the invitation. These could be in the form of candies or small toys of the children would appreciate. Small masks, necklaces or bracelets are also applicable in this setting.

The fun in a tea party birthday begins days before the actual date. The invitation is like an tool that starts the fun in the party.


  • But a good and enticing invitation is not enough.
  • Be sure to follow the hype brought about by the invitation and bring it in the party.
  • Be sure that the guests will have a good time with the celebrant.
  • Be creative with the concept.
  • Do not be limited to the tea party theme of the celebration.
  • You can do mash ups and combination of different themes.

There is no standard way in having a successful and perfect party. The important thing is that it is fun and everybody in that party will remember it for the rest of their lives.

I have created 2 version of Tea party birthday invitations. You’re free to download the invitations.

Tea birthday party invitations free download tea party invitations-small

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