Toy Story 3 Birthday Party

by admin on January 11, 2013

Toy Story 3 Birthday Party – To Infinity and Beyond with Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Disney and Pixar hit gold when they began the Toy Story franchise. Children love the witty humor of Buzz Lightyear the space man and Woody the cowboy.

With three very successful films, Toy Story has continued to capture the hearts of both children and adults alike. This is what makes it a great theme and fun for both parents and their children.

Sit back, strap in, and get ready for a wild party that can feature as many characters from the Disney and Pixar toy box as needed.

toy story birthday party

Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Invitations

These should be fairly self-explanatory. Sites like Pinterest, and Party City are just two great places to begin a search for the best invitations. Pinterest will be more about making homemade items and has links to templates for invitations that can be printed on card stock.

Children will love receiving an invitation in the mail that features Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Barbie and Ken, and of course BuzzLightyear.

Parents can also include little favors like trading cards in the invites to add a special treat for the little guests on the list. If making the invitations at home maybe even put the birthday boy or girl’s face in place of the character on the invite. Any little personal touches are always welcome and make the party a bit more special.

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Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Decorations

If Buzz and Woody are favorites focus on them, otherwise use as many characters from the movie as possible. Set up a table with Buzz and Woody plates and cups and party hats and leave a place setting for each child.

Maybe even have Mr. Potato head and his wife in the center on each side of the cake or main center piece. Streamers and balloons in purple, green, brown, and black are good to coordinate with Woody and Buzz’ costumes from the films.

Tie balloons on each chair and have some floating around the house even if it means renting a helium tank.

Make card stock cut outs of the aliens Buzz battles or the horse Woody rides for place settings or simply to decorate the walls.

A rocket ship that can suspend from the ceiling or can be easily attached to a wall is a great idea also.

For an easier way of decorating and one that takes little effort if planning time is cut in half, has party kits starting at the low price of $24.99. These kits will have enough materials to support a party of 8 guests.

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Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Games

Play some trivia and offer prizes for correct answers. The movies are ones that most kids know by heart so ask them to remember a line or two here and there.
Also have them make up skits as their favorites.

If parents consent to dressing their little ones for the event have a costume contest but make sure everyone feels like a winner. Categories can be best dressed, look alike, best accessories, and so on.

Another fun game is where children will toss a plush doll of one of the characters around in a circle while music plays. When the music stops the child holding the doll is out and the music will start again after the child leaving the circle tosses the doll to someone else.

Then again, musical chairs and pin the rocket booster on the rocket ship will be just as fun and something anyone can set up on short notice.

Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Menu

This one can be tricky:

  • Old standbys like Pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, or fish sticks will work but for those who want to be creative try something a little different.
  • Use Toy Story cookie cutters to cut out peanut butter sandwiches if children have no peanut allergies or something along those lines.
  • Make cupcakes and add green food coloring to the batter before baking for an alien cupcake. Ice them with white icing and purple trim.
  • Make chocolate cupcakes and ice them with white icing and try and make a rope around and on top of the cupcake.
  • For the cake, it’s always okay to have it catered and decorated with a horse and lasso or rocket ship on top.
Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Favors

No party will be complete without favors and no child wants to go home empty handed. Maybe buy small plush versions of the aliens in the story, or find gift bags with Toy Story characters on them and put small toys inside like yo-yos, a set of jacks, a top, silly putty, and so forth.

Toy Story is really about a throwback era where kids used their imaginations to play and they preferred toys to video games and their iPods.

It will be fitting to have older toys that require a little imagination and thought when playing. However, make the favors age appropriate and no small toys for children less than four years of age.

Toy Story Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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