Toy Story Birthday Party

by admin on August 24, 2012

Planning A Toy Story Birthday Party

Most children love the Toy Story animated films and so this theme will definitely be ‘out of this world’ for your birthday child and their guests.

Here are a few tips and pointers to get your creative ideas flowing:

Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations

Buy green and blue cellophane rolls and stick them to the walls to create an out of space, intergalactic feel (we found that the cellophane was static enough to stick to the walls without any further sticky tape.

Randomly stick cotton wool (clouds), stars and pictures of Toy Story characters (which can be easily found and printed from Google) on the plastic sheeting.

toy story birthday party

Toy Story Birthday Party Games

You can have various craft tables so that children are kept busy and they are doing something productive rather than just running around. Toy Story Birthday Party Activities can include:

  • Dress Up – On the first station, place a colored cowboy hat, home-made bandana and sheriff’s badge for each child to they can get into character.
  • Make a Mr/Mrs Potato Head goody bag – Before the party, cut out outfits, facial features, accessories, arms etc and place them on a table with googly eyes, feathers, sequins etc. Give each child a brown paper bag (which can be used for their favors later on) and let them glue on pieces so they can create their own personalized character.
  • Picture Frames – Pre-prepare wooden frames by gluing together four wooden lolly sticks and some card to the back with an open slot at the top so that they can slide their photos in later. They can stick on craft items and Toy Story images and then leave them to dry whilst they visit another table.
  • Soldier Hunt – Hide little green army men around the venue and tell the children that they have escaped and you need their help to find them. They can keep what they find (or you can exchange them for sweets/prizes).

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Toy Story Party Food Ideas

Label ‘Woody’s Saloon’ and the food with Andy’s handwriting. You can have ‘Slinky Hot Dogs ‘ where you attach cut-outs of Slinky’s head and tail to hot dogs using tooth picks and green drink or punch which can be labelled as ‘alien juice’.

Other foods can include Buzz Burgers with trail mix (party nibbles), green alien cupcakes and Planet Pizza’s pizza.

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Toy Story Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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