Train birthday party

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Train birthday party ideas

Do you have a son’s birthday coming up? Is he going through the Thomas the Tank Engine phase? Has he asked you to make his party, a Thomas and Friends birthday party? Don’t know where to start though?

Train birthday party Invitations

Quirky and fun ideas for invitations which are easy to make and follow the train theme are train tickets. These can be purchased and feature a stunning picture of famous children’s train character Thomas the Tank Engine.

Or if you are more into creating your own homemade birthday invitations, this will prove less costly and more preferred especially if you are on a tight budget. You can search for images of Thomas the Tank engine and have printed on to A5 paper and armed with a pair of scissors, glue stick and a pack of coloured card you can have fun making your own invitations. Parents gather around, if you wish you can make this into a family affair and having your child helping you with the creative process.

train birthday party

Train Birthday Party Games:

As Thomas the Tank Engine train birthday parties tend to be aimed more at toddlers – early aged school children. It is important to have a variety of party games set up and when choosing a selection of train themed games , try to aim for ones that are easy to play and will captivate the child’s attention span as at this age.


Follow Thomas The Tank Engine

A similar version to the game follow the leader, you can have the birthday boy as Thomas the Tank Engine and if you want to make it more enjoyable, you can have the child wear a Thomas the Tank Engine mask. Have the birthday boy at the front of the line lead the children around with actions like pulling the train whistle or chugging along the train tracks.

Mr. Conductor Says

Like the game Simon Says, which all children love to play. Have the birthday boy start off as Mr. Conductor and get the children following what he does. E.g. Mr Conductor says put your hands on your head. As you will be catering to a younger audience, instead of making the child who loses the game sit out , focus on the child who is following the instructions closely and making less mistakes and let them be the next leader.

Pin the Number on Thomas

Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, have a game of Pin the Number on Thomas. You can either buy a huge pin-up of Thomas the Tank Engine which is available at most shopping centres or if you have someone in your family who is an amazing drawer then they could on a large piece of butcher paper, draw a large Thomas the Tank Engine. Instead of the tail, you can design and photocopy a handful of Thomas the Tank Engine’s number and have the children one at a time blindfolded, try and place the number on Thomas.


Train Birthday Party Food:

One of the most important things of a party, other than the presents is the food. Are you wondering what type of food goes hand in hand with a train birthday party?

Food stuffed train carriages

What’s a train without the carriages? An easy option to serve food which will also save on dishes and cleaning up is purchasing a number of tinfoil containers which you can decorate with cardboard wheels or old milk bottle lids to make them look like authentic train carriages. The carriages can be used to hold chips, celery sticks, cocktail sausages and other finger foods.


Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes

We are living in a society where cupcakes are becoming the new sweet to have at parties and many are going out of their way to decorate them into whatever you want. So why not have Thomas the Tank Engine iced cupcakes for the children and yes parents can eat them too.

Kool Aid Fuel

Where there is food, there is always a need for drinks and what better way to entertain the children’s fantasy of being a train with having a juice filled jug with the label Diesel or Thomas Petrol.

Birthday Cake

The most important feature and joy of any children’s birthday party, is the bringing out of the cake and this can be a number of options from an ordinary designed train cake with carriages or a round cake with a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine onto. If you are not a baker, many supermarkets and bakeries offer the option to design the cake for you.

Parents go forth and chug along into your train birthday party with this guide to help smooth that journey and pressure that comes with organizing birthday parties.

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Train birthday party ideas

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Train birthday party

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train birthday party food

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