Treasure Hunt birthday party for 8 years old boy

by admin on November 7, 2012

Recently I, Abi, planned a birthday party in the Glendale area of Arizona for a boy who was turning eight years old and was a fan of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” so the theme of the party was a treasure hunt.

There were approximately ten to fifteen other children who were invited, twelve of which were able to attend. The invitations were a pop-up card that was a treasure chest, and when the lid was opened a giant diamond cut-out popped out that had all the party information.

The party was scheduled to be outside in the backyard during the middle of the day, 12 PM to 3 PM, so the weather was cool enough to permit the physical activities.

Treasure Hunt birthday party decorations

As for the decorations, there were three large round tables for the guest to sit at that had a navy blue, cotton tablecloth over them; and in the center of the tables were treasure chests that had gold coins and jewels spilling out of them.

There were also balloons tied to the treasure chest center pieces that were gold and navy blue. In addition to the tables where the guest could sit at, there was a long, rectangular table with a gold tablecloth laid over it that had a sign that read “TREASURES.” That “treasure” table was filled with all the food, snacks, drinks, plates, napkins, cups, and utensils.

All the plates, napkins, and cups had some nod to “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The utensils were a favorite because the handles of the spoons, forks, and butter knives were shaped to mimic the handle of a sword.
treasure hunt birthday party

Treasure Hunt party activities

The house had a grand backyard filled with plenty of trees and bushes, which was ideal for the treasure hunt that would entail later in the day. There was a jumping castle that matched the navy blue and gold colors of the party.

There was also an inflatable obstacle course, which had a climbing wall, a giant slide, and tunnels to crawl through. A face painter, dressed as a pirate, was at the party who painted the kids’ faces with any kind of design that they wanted.

There were costume items laid out for the kids if they wanted to be like a pirate. The costume items included: foam swords, pirate hats, eye patches, and a plastic hook for a hand.

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During the party

From the moment all the kids arrived until right around 1:30 PM the kids ran around playing with one another and enjoying the things set up for them. At approximately 1:30 PM the kids were rounded up at the birthday boy’s table and enjoyed some food.

Their food options included: salad, fruit, vegetables, chips, French fries, tatter tots, potato salad, macaroni salad, burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, as well as plenty of juices to pick from or water. Once all their food was consumed and settled they played some more and at 2:30 PM the treasure hunt began.

Each child had a color of yarn assigned to them and they had to follow the yarn wherever it went and at the end of the yarn trail would be their treasure.

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The yarn trails wrapped around the trees and bushes in the back yard going round and round until they finally led to their destination where the kids would find a goody bag filled with candy, Playdoh, bubbles, and other little toys.

At the end of the treasure hunt everyone sat down and sang Happy Birthday, then enjoyed the birthday cake and some ice cream.

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