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by admin on March 7, 2013

Looking for Twin birthday party themes

Not only can twins be double the trouble they’re actually double the fun. Twin birthday parties can seem at first like with two of everything there will be more issues but that’s simply not the case. There are lots of ways to make twin parties fun, affordable, and memorable without stressing the pocket book or the body.

Choose any theme and simply double up or find themes that center around twins like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland.

For that matter either gender would maybe even like to dress up like the Mad Hatter and the March Hare for a tea party. If they are old enough, let the twins choose what kind of theme they’d prefer and let them be a part of the process.

My favorite Twin birthday party themes

Twin Birthday Party Invitations

These can be bought at a store or made lovingly from scratch at home. Construction paper and cardstock can be used to create some of the best invitations around and make children feel a part of the planning process. Twins can sometimes feature phrases on their invites such as, “Come and double your fun on …” this date or that date.

For anyone who remembers the old Doublemint Gum commercials twins were always the prominent feature in their ads. Adults might like paying homage to that old pop culture fact. Just make sure that each invite equally portrays each twin’s role in the big day so no one feels left out.

Twin birthday party themes

Twin Birthday Party Decorations

Doubling up here again might seem like a hassle but can be somewhat fun. Buy double of all party hats and have the kids wear one on each side of their heads. Make sure to tie two balloons of any color together to keep the symbolism of two throughout the party.

For prince and princess themes for have castles and dragons being slain in the form of posters or other pictures pasted on walls or used as plate and napkin themes. Alice in Wonderland themes can have tea party with white table cloths and specifically purchased toy tea sets for drinking from. Just throw out as many streamers, balloons, flowers, and wall hangings as possible.

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Twin birthday party Food Ideas

Double decker hamburgers or other sandwiches would be a good idea here with kids loving the double theme being woven even into the food. Double stuffed Oreos are a great idea for the dessert portion of the day and it’s even more fun to try and find double chocolate chip cookies or layered puddings.

When thinking about cakes if money isn’t an object it would be really special to have a birthday cake for each birthday boy or girl. Bakeries can make cakes exactly the same or something different for each of the birthday stars, but having a cake all to themselves will really make the day of any little one who is used to sharing everything in life with their lookalike sibling.

Twin Party Favors

Here it’s okay to send home two of everything. Dollar Stores are great places to find cheap party bags or containers as well as trinkets if kids are the appropriate ages.

Sending home kids with a bag full of double goodies will just keep the theme consistent and give a little extra treat to the guests for attending.

As with any food choice, before putting candy in treat bags make sure to speak with parents about allergies or other health issue.

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