Western Theme Birthday Party

by admin on September 18, 2012

Planning Western Themed Birthday Party

Birthday parties that are themed on the Wild West are great fun as the children get the chance to dress up as sheriffs and Jessie the cowgirl in the ‘Toy Story’ animations.

Here’s how you can make your western themed birthday party so much fun that the children leave with big grins whilst shouting ‘yee-haa’:

Western Themed Birthday Party Decorations


Using large boxes (electrical appliance stores may donate unwanted dishwasher, refrigerator and cooker boxes), make a child-sized western town. This is a great family project that will keep the kids entertained and involved in getting ready for the party beforehand.

You can have a big barn painted in red with a black roof with opening barn doors and other buildings that are large enough for the children to go into and then stick additional detail on the walls like a sunset, some cactus and some mountains to create a full theme.

western theme birthday party

If you have space, create an area where you have some bales of hay, a few toy horses and an old saddle as the photo area which you can later post out as thank you notes.

When the children arrive, present each one with a cowboy hat, sheriff’s badge and bandana so they can dress up (or you can have it as a costume party and ask the children to come dressed up in the invitations).


Western Theme Birthday Party Games

  • Make some butter – Before the party, put some heavy whipping cream in baby food jars so there is one jar per child. Get them to shake their jars until the cream turns into butter and then they can spread the butter that they made onto cream crackers or in jacket potatoes. They will not only find this fascinating but it will encourage them to eat (although you may need to check that none of the guests are dairy intolerant.)
  • Pin the badge on the sheriff
  • A horse pinata – you can get pull string ones if the party is for younger children and they can be purchased from birthdayexpress.com
  • Pass the cowboy hat which you play like hot potato but with a hat.


Western Themed Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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