What did Jessica Alba do for her Birthday?

by admin on May 4, 2013

Jessica Alba turned 32 years old this year on April 28!

Jessica has played in many famous movies; however, for quite some time she spent time away from the “big screen”, to dedicate her time to her two daughters, Honor who is four, and Haven who is only one year old!

Even though this mother is dedicated to her children, on the night before her birthday she decided to leave the children at home (with a babysitter of course) while she and her husband, Cash Warren, Gwen Stafani, Rachel Zoe, Minka Kelly and her boyfriend Chris Evans kicked off Jessica’s birthday bash at Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Hollywood, California! There they were snapping pictures of each other and posting them on Instagram so that Jessica could have her limelight!

After the night club, Jessica showed her appreciation to her husbands and to all of her friends by posting a thank you note (I guess you can call it that) on Instagram which said,

Jessica Alba

Last night was the best time EVER! I love all my friends so much! Thnk u 4 making me feel so special- and the love of my life @cash_warren ur my everything!

How sweet! Along with this “note”, she posted a picture of her and her husband of four years smooching in a romantic room with sexy lighting lit for the cute couple!

The next day (on her actual birthday), she was surprised by a group of her girlfriends who has secretly planned an at-home brunch and spa day for the birthday girl! Again, Jessica Alba writes a thank you note on Instagram saying,

“Bday surprise brunch and spa day at home w @lauren_anderson @kellysawyer and @rrari_5000- thank u for an awesome day ladies!”

Along with this note, Jessica Alba posts a picture of her make up artist, who is Lauren Anderson, popping a champagne bottle!

After her birthday, her husband, Cash Warren, showed his appreciation for her with a doting note on Instagram as well. His says,

“I could search a lifetime and never find a best friend like you… Happy Birthday my lovely wife.”

How sweet! After all the birthday bashing with friends, Jessica took it easy with her two girls. They sat around at home and did absolutely nothing! It sounds like fun to me, especially if you get to spend it with the people you love!

Reading this article shows you that you can be famous and still enjoy the little things in life. She did not do anything too crazy like many famous celebrities do! She enjoyed time with her friends and husband and later spent their calm-down time with the kids.

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