Where to Set Up a Golf Theme Birthday Party

by admin on September 15, 2012

Golf Theme Birthday Party for 50th Birthday

The birthday is one of the most celebrated events on a person’s life annually. It signifies the gratitude of the person over the year that has passed and the life he is enjoying now. A person has a lot of birthday celebrations, but there are some birthdays that are more significant to the other birthday celebrations.

Usually, the 50th birthday is considered an important milestone to a person’s life that it has to be celebrated in a large scale basis.

A lot of themes are designed to cater to the 50th birthday celebration. There is the ‘golden years’ theme, the 50’s theme, and other themes that makes a person reminisce or remember how old he really is.

One of the most popular themes is the golf theme birthday party. Golf could be considered a sport of the wealthy and successful people. Having a golf theme birthday party creates an atmosphere of achievement and realization that the person is already living his dream.

golf themed birthday party

Setting up Golf Theme Birthday Party

Setting up a golf themed party has a lot of things on it. An important factor to consider is the location of the golf theme birthday party.


Here are some of the places where a golf theme birthday party can be held.

  • The party can be celebrated in a golf and country club. This is obviously a giveaway. There is no greater place to celebrate a golf theme birthday party than in a golf course. However, having a celebration here is expensive and not to convenient. A party held in a country club should be classy and sometimes formal. For some it is good. But for others it will be too stiff. Parties are supposed to be fun. Oldies cannot have so much fun in a place with a lot of restricted area.
  • The party can be held in a miniature golf theme park. This would also be an expensive venue but this is a bit more fun than the previous one. People could play miniature golf games and have fun around the theme park. There is no need for setting up golf props since golf is all over the place.
  • The party can be held in the back yard. This is a cool way to celebrate a golf theme birthday party. Cut the grass, put some bunkers in there, and put some golf holes. Instead of 18th, put 50th in the flag signifying the age of the person. Set up some golf clubs, some hats, and if you could borrow a cabbie then do so and put it in a good position in the back yard. In this way, people can have fun and celebrate the birthday with simplicity. This is also very affordable compared to the other options above. This is suitable for regular earning folks that cannot afford country clubs and theme parks.


Golf Theme Birthday Party Tips

The key on having a great party, whatever age it is, is to have fun and enjoy the moment. Being thankful for surviving the previous year and being optimistic for the succeeding years is the important thing to bear in mind. The fun is not actually based on the location or on how much money was spent. The fun is there when you have all the people that are close and important to you during this important event of your life.

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