Wild birthday parties

by admin on January 11, 2013

How about a wild birthday parties?

At first glance many might think wild would mean out of control or simply so rambunctious people will leave drunken and acting crude.

Instead take the meaning more generally like a wild safari, animals that are “wild” in petting zoos, alligator parties, or simply have kids dress up in jungle attire.

Book a day at the zoo, set up palm trees in the house or backyard, or get a petting zoo’s phone number and give them a call. Bring out the animal side of the birthday boy or girl and their friends.

To get started here are a few wild birthday parties ideas that will be fairly easy to pull off and make the birthday party a success.

Wild birthday parties

Petting Zoo

This is obviously a tamer version with animals that will be able to function in crowds and are used to the attention.

Petting zoos are great ideas for little kids as they love interacting with the animals and some even bring miniature horses for the kids to ride while being led. It’s a lot of fun watching the kids learn about the different animals. Some will get to milk goats, ride horses, and pet a pig or python for the first time. Just set up a happy theme for the day.

If the petting zoo is more reptilian in nature then make a more safari type theme. Farm animals might be the only pets around for rental so then have the boys and girls come in their best overalls or jeans and gingham attire.

Invitations, cakes, and decorations can be handled the same way with big barns on cakes and invitations, and farm animals on the cake. Lots of red balloons and maybe even denim material for the table cloth would be a nice touch.

Safari Birthday

This theme might take a bit of an effort but will be worth it in the end. Birthday in a box is an online birthday party site that offers a great selection of safari themed birthday decorations and other items.

Their birthday party packs start as low as $57.99 and shipping is very reasonable as well. Purchasing a pack is a great idea but so is shopping individually as there are so many items to choose from that will accentuate the big day.

Birthday banners in greens with trees and tigers or giraffes designed on them will suit any wall above a perfectly styled table of plates and cups and a green table cloth.

For those who are really creative, make cardboard cutouts of palm trees or other jungle foliage to make the setting more realistic.

Games like treasure hunts will work best here and or obstacle courses like navigating through a jungle. Of course a cake with a panda, tiger, or monkey on it will be the final touch.

Day at the Zoo

If throwing a huge safari party at home is too much hassle or parents are in the mood to dress their little ones up for the theme, take a day at the zoo.

Many zoos will even have party planners on hand or designated areas for such events. To make the day really special call ahead and have banners posted letting everyone knows it was the birthday girl or boy’s big day.

Sometimes the zoos will host private parties that can be held before the zoo opens on certain days in the mornings. Getting to tour the wild kingdom will bring a smile to every little one’s face and make parents glad they chose this type of wild party.

Prices will vary from zoo to zoo but expect to spend well over $250 for just the initial party plans alone, especially if the zoo is being rented privately. However, the end result is worth it and the packages that are usually set up for parties offer a lot of variety.

Wild Waves Party

Wet and wild fun at a water park is always a great idea and will be sure to please even the most picky birthday child. Indoor water parks are becoming very common so don’t just think this is for the summer birthday scene.

A lot of water parks will allow private parties on certain days and times and most have party planners that will setup a package to suit each family.

Kids will love splashing, sliding, and playing ball in the water and this is something everyone’s parent can come and enjoy as well. Decorations won’t be a big deal as the water park sells itself.

Balloons, streamers, and banners will be all that is needed. Make sure to find blue cups and plates and if the cake is catered, a wild wave or surfer would be a good design to try. Of course ensure there are proper safety measures in place such as enough lifeguards or parents on hand to guarantee that if some kids can’t swim everyone can still enjoy the day without harm.

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